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Latest Purchases #30 – My New (and very impractical) White Watch

A bit of a late post tonight! I am doing my good girlfriend duty and picking Ian up later tonight (or most likely the early hours of tomorrow morning!) after a night out so I have had two espressos and I am now buzzing! I stupidly wasted a good chunk of my evening watching Snakes on a Plane (surely the title should have warned me about the quality of this film?!) but I thought I would sit down and share my latest purchase.

I love rose gold jewellery and, if money were no object, I would love to buy the much coveted Michael Kors rose gold watch. However, for now I wanted a cheaper alternative for the summer.

I have to admit that I have sort of got out of the habit of wearing a watch on a daily basis and tend to use my watches as jewellery rather than for practicality but I really liked this white one I saw online.


Yes, it is highly impractical and I am sure the white rubberised strap will pick up every bit of fluff and dirt around but while it is nice and bright it is the perfect summer accessory!


This has quite a chunky, sporty style face but I think the rose gold highlights soften it and make it a bit more girly.


We are seeing family tomorrow then I am starting my hunt for a bikini for this summer…is there anything more depressing than changing room lighting?!

Have a great weekend!