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Mani Monday – Geometric Nail Wraps

I have been looking forward to using these Sally Hansen nail wraps since I bought them in America this summer. I have heard that the staying power of these is great and I love the cool geometric black and white print.


The design is actually called Pitter Pattern and the box comes with 16 strips, a cuticle stick and mini nail file. My nails are short enough that I can make one strip cover two nails so I get double my money’s worth with most sets of nail wraps!

IMG_3811 IMG_3812

These were really simple to apply and tidy up using the nail file. I like the fact these little extras were included in the box.

IMG_3813 IMG_3814

I decided to do a bit of a test and see if a layer of clear nail varnish would make these nail wraps last any longer. I applied a topcoat to my left hand and although it didn’t make a huge amount of difference, it was right hand that experienced a chip and a bit of peeling first but not until 6 days after application.


The staying power of these Sally Hansen wraps are amazing and I am already eyeing up my next design to try out!

This Week’s Nails – Sugar Skulls

After trying to sleep through that thunder and lightning last night, I woke up feeling strangely refreshed today. My cold has finally gone so I felt much better and even attempted a bit of yoga this morning to try and get back into some semblance of exercise.

We discovered a great new place to eat today and enjoyed a tapas lunch in the sunshine before coming home to sleep (Ian) and read (me) in the garden…a lovely Saturday!

Today, I wanted to share my latest manicure and these cool sugar skull nail decals. I found them online and think they are so pretty.


I wanted them to stand out so decided on Color Club’s Mod in Manhattan, a creamy off white. I really like this shade and think it is a great way to rock the white nail varnish trend if you are a little hesitant to wear a full-on white.


These are water nail decals so I simply cut out my skull, held it under water for 20 seconds and placed it on the nail.


A quick layer of Seche Vite topcoat sealed the look and this lasted me almost a week.


This Week’s Nails – My First Attempt at Nail Striping

I thought it was time to try some new nail art and dip my toes into the world of nail striping tape! I bought mine for a few quid from ebay and received several rolls in a variety of colours.


There are two main uses for nail striping tape – you can either cut pieces to size and use them on the nails, sealing the look with a top coat, or you can stick them on, paint nail varnish over the top and peel them off to reveal a design.

There is a real trend for ‘negative manicures’ at the moment where most of the nail is left natural with a pop of colour either on the tips or cuticles. I decided to use my nail striping tape to create a horizontal and vertical negative manicure…try saying that after a few glasses of wine!

Starting with clean, bare nails, I cut four pieces of striping tape and placed them as evenly as I could across my nail. I knew I could only do one coat of nail varnish so chose a darker, well-pigmented shade in the form of OPI’s A Grape Affair.


I applied a generous layer of this deep purple colour then waited a few seconds and peeled off the striping tape whilst my nails were still wet et voila…


I managed to do my whole left hand with ease but knew the challenge would be doing my right!

IMG_1590 IMG_1589

For some reason, I found it much easier applying the strips in a vertical design and managed to do my right hand with relative ease. It was a bit more fiddly being right-handed but not so onerous that it would put me off trying it again.

IMG_1593 IMG_1595

I was really pleased with the results of this and am looking forward to experimenting with my many rolls of striping tape soon!


This Week’s Nails – Peach ‘n’ Birdcages

It has been a lovely sunny Saturday here and after a lazy morning we headed over to South Wraxall (down the road from us) for their village fete. It was a real country village affair with cider, BBQs, music, dog agility and even some little piggies snoozing in the sun!

IMG_1648 IMG_1649 IMG_1651

I know today’s post has quite a random title but I realised I hadn’t shared any nail art for a while! In an attempt to use up some more of my nail stickers and transfers before I buy anymore, I rediscovered these pretty bird cage transfers and paired them with a pretty peach colour – this is Sorbet by Sally Hansen.


This shade took three coats until I was happy with it but it a beautiful shiny pink with a hint of shimmer too.


I decided to use these birdcage water decals on my ring finger and thumb and I love the finished result. x

IMG_1389 IMG_1390

Latest Purchases #78 – A Teeth and Nails Combo

Finally, it’s half term! The last week of term always seems longer than usual but I am happy to have a whole week off stretched out in front of me plus a three day weekend with Ian to enjoy.

Today, I wanted to share a little bargain I picked up in Boots recently. I meant to write this post as soon as I bought it so I hope the offer is still running! Nails Inc – one of my favourite nail varnish brands – has teamed up with Colgate for a great teeth and nails deal.


When you buy a tube of Colgate’s Max White One Optic toothpaste, you can get a free Nails Inc nail varnish in a choice of three shades – a bright blue, an orange-toned red or a pastel pink. There have been similar deals like this in the past and everyone needs toothpaste, don’t they?!

The toothpaste itself is fine – a bright blue colour that claims to whiten teeth – but it was the nail varnish I was keen to try. I picked up the blue colour which reminded me so much of Baker Street – bright yet creamy and a real summery blue. This shade is called Optic Wave and I really like it. Annoyingly, I received an almost identical shade from Wah Nails in this month’s Birchbox but I can see myself wearing them a lot this summer.

IMG_1320 IMG_1321IMG_1334IMG_1315

I painted the Nails Inc shade on my both my finger and toe nails straightaway but couldn’t resist jazzing my manicure up a bit.

IMG_1345 IMG_1347

I love bright blue and white together (think Mediterranean buildings and china plates!) so used a layer of white Mosaic Effects nail varnish on my thumb and fourth finger. I’m not sure what the ‘mosaic’ name is all about as it was very similar to the standard crackle-effect nail polishes but I like the final look and love the fact this shade was a freebie! x


This Week’s Nails – Peach and Glitter Tips

Am I the only one who found it that little bit more difficult getting up this morning after an extra day off?! I spent all of today not quite knowing what day it was, feeling more tired than usual and drinking cups of tea to offset the wind and rain outside.

Rather than come home and nod off on the sofa, I decided to try and wake myself up with some yoga and the difference in my productivity levels was really noticeable! I’m finding it very similar to Pilates and a quick half hour on my mat stretching and relaxing is my new favourite thing.

Afterwards I found myself whizzing around the kitchen making a chili con carne from scratch, a bowl of overnight oats for my breakfast and cous cous salads for mine and Ian’s lunches tomorrow as well as loading the dishwasher and tidying up after myself – I usually leave that last part to Ian!


Onto this week’s nail and I wanted a fun summery look as well as a chance to try out a new Nails Inc shade. This isn’t a new release – in fact it has been sat in my ‘to try’ pile of nail varnishes for a while –  but I love this pastel, peachy coral shade which is also named after a London Street. Kensington Palace is a perfect summery pastel shade that will look great with a tan. It was opaque within two coats and had a lovely glossy finish.

IMG_0996 IMG_0999

I decided to add some gradient glitter tips using Celestial by Ciate. This is a silver and holographic formula, packed with glitter pieces, that looks amazing when it catches the light. To achieve this look, I did a light layer of glitter covering the top two-thirds of the nail then added another layer on the top third of the nail for that graduated look.


Sadly, my bottle of Seche Vite is starting to go a bit gloopy so whilst I am waiting for a replacement bottle, I decided to go back to an old favourite – Calvin Klein’s Splendid Glaze Quick Dry Top Coat.


This is a fun summery look and I’m glad to have found another winning Nails Inc shade! x

This Week’s Nails – Purple Dotticure

Ahhhh the sun has been shining all week and it has put me in such a good mood! I spent the afternoon outside with my class today and it was lovely to get some good old Vitamin D. I even managed a run after work today as the sun was setting…beautiful.

Today I wanted to share my latest piece of nail art – the dotticure. A fun look that can be achieved with some polishes and a dotting tool.


I decided to go for a neutral base using one of my favourite nude nail varnishes – Lychee from the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine range. I love this polish and would quite happily wear it alone.


I decided to go with a purple theme going in a gradient from dark to light. I used Ultra Violet from Primark, Prickly Pear another Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish and Go Ginza by Essie.


You can dip you dotting tool straight into the bottle but I prefer to dab some onto a piece of paper first.

IMG_0872 IMG_0873

I started off with my darkest colour and did two rows loosely following the curve of my cuticles.


I used Prickly Pear next to do one to two rows depending on how long my nails were.


Finally, I finished off with my lightest shade and a layer of my Calvin Klein  Splendid Glaze topcoat.

IMG_0876 IMG_0877 IMG_0878 IMG_0879

I really like this look and am keen to try a mint green version soon.

This Week’s Nails – The Perfect Grey/Lilac Shade

DIY can give you an enormous sense of achievement but there is one thing that just ruins it for me and that is the effect it has on my nails. Before I started work on our guest bedroom this week I removed my nail varnish as I hate chipped nails but within hours I had broken a nail and the others were looking decidedly ropey. I would never let my nails stop me from decorating but I did do a fair few emergency filings and a whole lot of cuticle oil applications to make up for the damage.

A weekend in London and an Easter wedding means a few days break from DIY for me so I jumped at the chance to get my nail varnishes out and give myself a quick manicure.

I was recently given a selection of Nails Inc polishes by a good friend and Pembridge Crescent really stood out as being a lovely grey-lilac colour that was unlike anything I own.


I am currently undecided on what to wear to the wedding we are attending this weekend but both of my dress options have a lilac or pink element to them so I thought this would be an ideal shade.

IMG_0612 IMG_0613

After a layer of Orly’s Bonder basecoat, I applied two layers of this lilac shade which looks grey in some lights and purple in others. To be honest, I liked this colour so much I would have been happy to leave my nails like this but I recently bought this glitter from Avon in Blue Bursts and thought it would be a perfect option for an accent nail.

IMG_0615 IMG_0623

This glitter is another product that looks different in some lights, switching from an electric blue to purple. The glitter pay off wasn’t brilliant and I did have to go hunting for some of the bigger glitter pieces but I’m pleased with the final look.


In the hope of making this last until the weekend, I sealed the look with a layer of Seche Vite.

Have a great Easter weekend – I hope you have already cracked out the hot cross buns and mini eggs! x

This Week’s Nails – Red Spots

I knew I fancied a bright red on my nails this week and had a hard choice deciding between my favourite red shades…


The Nails Inc bottle won in the end – it is a lovely bright scarlet shade with really good staying power after two coats on top of my Orly base coat.


I then decided to use my dotting tool to add a strip of tiny white dots along the centre of each nail. These were really easy to do, although they definitely got a bit wonky when using my left hand!

IMG_0484 IMG_0486 IMG_0488

A good layer of Seche Vite next and this subtle nail art look was complete. It actually lasted for over a week without chipping so I can see myself using this combination of base/colour/topcoat again.


I have now had ‘naked nails’ for two days and they are just crying out for some colour…I am definitely leaning towards something bright and spring-like so may try out a new look.

I don’t have much else planned this week apart from celebrating the fact that tomorrow will be my last ‘get-up’ for two weeks as it’s the last day of term! x

This Week’s Nails – Models Own Obsidian

A simple no-nail-art post today about a nail varnish I tried out last week. Part of their Velvet Goth collection (my inner 17 year old would love this range!), I received the Models Own shade Obsidian in a Birchbox delivery.

There were other shades available in the collection but I was drawn to this black, glittery polish.

You will notice these bottles come with a fuzzy velvet lid to reflect the Velvet Goth name and these claim to be matte yet sparkly with a velvet-like slightly textured finish.


The bottle shows the shade to be an off-black, more of a very dark charcoal-grey with a variety of silver glitters inside.

This is a quick-drying formula which is good as you needed at least 2-3 layers for this to work.

Here are my nails after one layer:




And three layers:


The formula is packed with glitter and the different shapes (some small, some hexes) give real depth to the polish once on the nails.


Whilst it contains a good amount of glitter, it isn’t the most pigmented shade and was almost sheer with just one layer applied. The good news is that you can layer this up quite easily.

Models Own claim that this dries smooth but as expected with this much glitter, I found that it was a slightly raised finish. You can of course use a top coat to smooth things over but I didn’t want to lose the matte effect that this had.


Overall, a deep, glittery and slightly goth manicure look. I’d quite like to try one of the brighter colours in this range to see if they colour pay-off is any better but on the whole a nice release from Models Own.