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Latest Purchases #70 – More Space.NK

As Britney once said ‘Oops, I did it again’…I was sucked in by the gorgeous website and before I knew it I was leaving delivery instructions with the postman and ripping open another box from Space.NK. I really didn’t need any new products but it’s funny how you can convince yourself you do once you start looking!

First up, some new candles. I’m currently making my way through the last of my Yankee Christmas candles but have got some nice ones lined up now.

This Space.NK Smoky Rose Candle is like a grown-up version of my usual rose scent. It is richer and slightly muskier and this came in a gorgeous, sleek glass. Space.NK’s candles have great reviews in terms of the scent and burning time so I look forward to putting this one to the test.

IMG_0039 IMG_0040

Still on the subject of candles, a slightly unusual choice now:

IMG_0037 IMG_0038

This slightly larger Parsley and Mint candle is not a traditional candle scent but it is so fresh and uplifting. I bought this to have on our kitchen table to burn when I have cooked something particularly whiffy like kippers! There is something not quite right about a really floral or musky candle scent in the kitchen so this herbal smell will be perfect.

A few items from the Life.NK range now which is kind of like Space.NK’s own brand of beauty products.

A simple daily moisturiser first in a handy travel size. This is a really simple and light face cream which just does what it says on the tin!


A big bottle of shower gel next which has a lovely rose, vanilla and jasmine scent.


Finally, a tube of lip care to help me on my never-ending battle against dry and chapped lips…I am so ready for this cold weather to go away now!


A little bit of luxury next with this huge tub of Sai-Sei Mineral Seaweed Bath Crystals. These smell amazing and will give that luxury spa-like experience to any bathtub. I have been getting the worst aching legs after a run recently so I am hoping a soak in these revitalising bath crystals will help.

IMG_0045 IMG_0046

Last up, some more Laura Mercier, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite beauty brands! These Eye Canvas bases are designed to prep your eyelids by creating a perfect base to allow your eye make-up to sit well and last that bit longer. I think the shades I bought are slightly too dark but as long as I am using a bronze/ brown eyeshadow then you really can’t tell. It is one of my biggest bugbears when my eyeshadow creases so I am hoping this is the magic formula to stopping that!

FullSizeRender IMG_0049

As a little extra in the box, I also received a few nice samples from Life.NK, Rodial and Eve Lom; a nice touch!


Right, I feel like I need a self-imposed hiatus from the Space.NK website for a little bit as I am meant to be saving for our trip to the States now…Hannah, step away from the laptop! x