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Latest Purchases #37 – Midi Rings

Looking back on my blogs from previous Septembers, I always go a bit quiet and sporadic with my posts at this time of year as I am still adapting to the new school year and just how much work I need to try and fit in to stay on top of everything! I know things will settle down soon but it currently feels like a bit of balancing act to do everything I have to do and those things I want to do.

One thing I have managed to find time for is online shopping! Ian and I both seem to have ASOS boxes arriving on a weekly basis at the moment as we have treated ourselves to a few new things for the colder weather.


I have been on the look-out for some midi rings for what feels like ages. They are those funny little rings that sit high up on your finger between the first and second knuckle and I think they look lovely!


I found a set of three thin gold bands, with a little curve in them, on ASOS for a fiver. I like the fact they aren’t a plain circular band and they look great worn on any of the three middle fingers.


These rings have been everywhere this summer but I don’t feel like they are too trendy to not be able to wear them again and they are small and dainty enough to go with most outfits and nail varnish colour.


Latest Purchases #33 – Sausage Dog Ring Holder

Let it be known that I am obsessed with sausage dogs! I will one day own one, but until then I make do with Daschund-inspired items, like this little beauty.

dog1 dog2

I spotted this ring holder on ASOS a little while ago and when I saw it reduced to £9 in their recent sale I had to have it!

As well as looking oh so cute, it does go some way to solving my jewellery storage problem by providing a place to store some of my rings.


This would make a lovely gift for a jewellery-obsessed friend…I really love it!


Latest Purchases #20 – Double Rings

Hello and Happy Friday! I am sad that my half term is almost over and, as usual, I didn’t get half the things done that I wanted to. However, I am off to London this weekend for a catch up and lots of food with one of my best friends so I am ending my week off on a high!

As you know, I like my pieces of statement jewellery and today I wanted to share the latest additions to my collection – two ‘double rings’ recently bought from H&M.


This is not a new trend and all over the high street there are versions of these rings from tough-looking, chunky industrial ones to delicate, pretty ones to playful colourful ones adorned with moustaches, sausage dogs and bicycles!

Whatever your style, these covetable double rings add a certain edginess to your look, without going the whole hog and wearing a proper knuckle duster!


The set that I bought included a chunky gold and a thinner, more delicate silver set of rings.

The gold one has a slight bronze hue to it and is the more solid and tougher-looking of the two.


The silver one is more subtle and rather pretty.


As you can see, each ring is a slightly different size so it fits snugly on your middle and ring finger, or your ring finger and little finger if you have slightly bigger ones…my fingers are the one part of me that stays skinny even when the pounds creep on elsewhere!


They are comfortable to wear although I did find it slightly tricky to type and do some other things that you need to be completely dextrous for, so they are definitely a fashion piece as opposed to a practical wear-all-the-time piece!


I love my new purchases and think they add a little fun and toughness to an outfit…What do you think? x

Latest Purchases #5 – Card Deck Rings

Just a short accessories-related post today, although as you are quickly learning I do love my jewellery!

I received a very special ring from Ian last year, which I wear daily(!), but I do have an ever growing collection of more fashion-led rings and often the bigger or more colourful the better!

I bought these antique-gold rings from Republic a little while ago during a shopping trip with my best friend Lu. She managed to find some cool tops and therefore these rings were a bit of an impulse purchase so I didn’t go home empty handed!

There is one of each symbol from a deck of cards which can be worn all together for a night out or simply a few at a time for an easier to wear look. I quite often wear one or two of these to work.

All four rings have an adjustable back so you can wear them on any finger by loosening or tightening them slightly.

I think they look very cool and have a punk-inspired edge without being too try-hard.