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Latest Purchases #63 – Sales Haul

Hello! Ian had to go back to work today so after having family to stay over Christmas and being away for a few days, it was today’s mission to pack away the Christmas decorations for another year, tidy up, put my presents away and make a huge pie to use up the last of our Christmas ham.


I always feel a bit sad taking down the decorations that have made our home look so cosy and festive for the last month but it is nice to get things back to normal again and the pie is currently in the oven and smelling delicious!

Today I wanted to share a few bits I got in the sales. I have to say that I didn’t think they were that great this year and I generally feel a bit guilty about sales shopping so close to Christmas as I always receive so many lovely presents. But, I couldn’t resist a little peek.

On Boxing Day, I am usually still in my post-Christmas dinner coma and not a fan of elbowing my way through the bargains. However, my email inbox was pinging constantly with offers from different shops so I did a bit of online perusing with my old friend ASOS.

I always keep my eyes peeled for the ASOS skater dresses in the sales – I must have about 5 already but they wash well and are the perfect length and fit to wear for work. This bright pink one is a little different to any I already own and was a bargain.

DSCN0513 DSCN0516

I am seriously in love with this jumper. I do have a lot of stripes in my wardrobe but I fell for these gorgeous heart elbow patches.

DSCN0517 DSCN0518 DSCN0519

Some jewellery next…this pearl ring has a vintage look to it (although I struggled to get a decent photo!)


I like these gold and black drop earrings and the little black chains swing nicely when you wear them.


If I wear a statement necklace, I often wear stud earrings and this set of three are just my style.

DSCN0525 DSCN0528

I definitely do not need any more scarves but this chunky black snakeskin one was calling out to me.

IMG_0955 DSCN0530

Finally, I did find five minutes to pop to the shops this week for some essentials (black tights!) and found a few more must-have items.

This bright red coat is a classic design and you will definitely be able to spot me in a crowd!


A little luxe item next. Faux fur is everywhere at the moment and this burgundy item (I’m not sure if it’s a scarf, a stole or just a wrap!) feels really luxurious and glamorous when worn and adds an instant fur collar to any coat.


I love nightshirts for bed and this fleecy checked shirt is so snuggly and cosy. I will be pairing this with a pair of knee-high chunky socks until it gets warmer.

DSCN0534 DSCN0535

Last of all a gorgeous thick bobble hat which kept my head and ears warm on a very windy walk on New Year’s Day.

DSCN0536 IMG_0966 IMG_0968

Before I go, I had to share my New Year pie fresh out the oven…yum!


Have you bought anything in the sales this year? x

Latest Purchases #31 – Jewellery

I cannot resist cute things. Put these items on a piece of jewellery and I’m sold! I ordered these pieces recently and although I didn’t need any of them, they will fit in perfectly to my jewellery collection. To make up for the new arrivals, I even did a good sort out of my jewellery boxes last night, sending a nice little bag to the charity shop.

First up, the rings…


This gold mesh bow ring is quite a statement piece but looks delicate enough to wear every day.


One bow ring wasn’t enough for me so I also got this black spotty one!


I saw these adorable bear rings and loved how simple the design was so got them in gold and silver. They both have quite an industrial bashed-up look to them which I think is a cool contrast to the cute design.

ring10 ring6

Finally, a charm necklace. I own a ridiculous amount of these but wear them daily so I can almost justify another one. I love how unusual and kooky this piece is…I can’t say I have ever thought of putting a coat hanger and a string of pearls together but I think it works and is rather charming!

ring8 ring9

A nice little mid-week treat! xxx

Latest Purchases #26 Matalan Shoe Event

So, I was just turning my laptop off last night after writing a post and an update from one of my favourite bloggers caught my eye. Matalan had just announced they were having a £5 shoe sale and seeing as it is on my drive home from work, I thought that it couldn’t hurt to pop in and have a quick look around!

I have mentioned before how comfortable I find their ballet pumps and for less than a tenner I usually pick up a couple of pairs throughout the year, mainly to wear for work. Today, I managed to limit myself to 3 pairs of ballet pumps but of course picked up a few more bits too!

First of all the shoes…


Black Suede Loafers:

shoe14 shoe15

Tan Leather Loafers:

shoe16 shoe17

And my favourites, these nude peep toe pumps with gold detailing and a lovely big bow on the front.shoe18 shoe19 shoe20

All three pairs were about £15 full price but I got them all for £5 each. The loafers are so comfortable and look great with tights or bare feet.

I also picked up a few pieces of jewellery. My bargain of the day was this gold ‘lips’ ring reduced to just 50p! I know it’s a kind of love/ hate piece but I think it looks rather rock ‘n’ roll!

shoe1 shoe2

Next, is this double chain with two little sovereigns hanging down. It is a mixture of gold and silver which I wasn’t too sure of but layered over a maxi dress in the summer I think it is perfect for a boho hippy look.


This three-layered gold chain is decorated in delicate little gold crosses and is a cool take on the goth trend that has been everywhere recently.


shoe6 shoe7

Finally, my favourite purchase of the day and my new favourite necklace…



This is a real statement piece and I just love the mink grey ribbon that forms the chain. Although it is quite a dramatic piece of jewellery, the gems on it are neutral enough to go with most colours so I hope to get some good wear out of it!


So that rounds up my little mid-week treat…you can never have too many shoes nor too much jewellery!

Latest Purchases #18 – Moustache Jewellery

What is it about moustaches that just tickle us?!

From the skinny ‘Dali’ to the good old ‘Handlebar’, I think this fun trend will be on our high streets for a while. Quirky, whimsical and often quite retro looking I am a fan and one of my favourite pieces of nail art was my Moustache Manicure.

Moustache-wear (is that even a thing or did I just make it up?!) takes many forms…T-shirts, pyjamas, mugs, jumpers and today I wanted to share some of my jewellery.

I meant to blog about this to coincide with Movember but for some reason I didn’t get around to it in time!

If you don’t want to emblazon a moustache across your chest in jumper form then a piece of jewellery is a fun and slightly more subtle way to enjoy this trend.


I had a look on ebay and found a huge variety of jewellery in different colours, shapes and materials starting from as little as 99p!

First up, my necklace:


A lovely black pendent in a classic moustache shape, hanging at a good length on a thin gold chain.


My earrings:


A very cute pair of black moustache earrings, outlined in gold, these are just the right size for a statement pair of studs. Too matchy-matchy to be worn with the necklace, these are really versatile and, again, are quite a subtle was of flirting with the moustache trend.



Finally, my turquoise moustache ring:


I didn’t want to get three pieces that were all black and so I went against the grain and at the last minute I swapped the black ring in my shopping basket for this turquoise one, and I am glad I did. This is a great, bright shade that looks pretty cool on, although don’t try to put on a pair of gloves with it!


So, there it is…my three little moustached marvels for your perusal.

Have a great weekend – we are off for a quick one up the pub followed by one of my Dad’s lovely roast dinners! x

Latest Purchases #5 – Card Deck Rings

Just a short accessories-related post today, although as you are quickly learning I do love my jewellery!

I received a very special ring from Ian last year, which I wear daily(!), but I do have an ever growing collection of more fashion-led rings and often the bigger or more colourful the better!

I bought these antique-gold rings from Republic a little while ago during a shopping trip with my best friend Lu. She managed to find some cool tops and therefore these rings were a bit of an impulse purchase so I didn’t go home empty handed!

There is one of each symbol from a deck of cards which can be worn all together for a night out or simply a few at a time for an easier to wear look. I quite often wear one or two of these to work.

All four rings have an adjustable back so you can wear them on any finger by loosening or tightening them slightly.

I think they look very cool and have a punk-inspired edge without being too try-hard.

The Best Birthday Surprise…

Ian and I went camping this weekend for my birthday, which we love to do and we have been doing since we met!

We arrived on Friday afternoon, set up our little tent next to a lake then had a lovely meal of mussels, with plenty of crusty bread to dip in the sauce, and a bottle of red – drunk out of mugs, natch!

We then wandered along to a little 15th Century inn and had a few glasses of scrumpy next to the canal watching the sun go down before retreating inside to the cosiness of the pub.

We found we had missed the curfew on our campsite gate when we got back so there was only one thing for it…


True to form, I fancied a cuppa so we sat out for a bit and lit some candles to make it all a bit cosier and more romantic until we heard the church bells in the distance chiming midnight…and my birthday, which called for some cake!

And then I got the most wonderful surprise when Ian got down on one knee and proposed! I was speechless, but managed to say yes…and we have been smiling ever since!

Thanks again for all of the kind words and cards from our families and friends – we will be organising a little soiree soon! x