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Latest Purchases #45 – Festive Jumper

Hello weekend! We walked up to our local pub for some Friday drinks last night and it was lovely to see it looking all cosy and festive.


It was my school’s Christmas Bazaar today so I roped Ian in and we were in charge of the alcohol tombola. It is also our village’s mince pie and mulled wine event this afternoon so I’m feeling festive!


Christmas jumpers seem to be EVERYWHERE this year. We had a ‘bad jumpers’ party last New Year’s Eve where we modelled our best festive jumpers but I knew I wanted to buy one this year that was kind of vintage and cool but still fun. I saw online that Primark had a huge range of jumpers, from knitted Fair Isle designs to comedy ones, so we popped in a few weeks ago and I bought a few things.

First up, the jumper…

pri17 pri18

To me, Christmas is truly here when I have seen the Coca Cola ‘Holidays are Coming’ advert so when I saw this jumper I knew it was the one for me! It’s navy with a cosy fleecy lining and I wore it today with thick tights and a pale denim skater-style skirt.

Despite only going in for a Christmas jumper, it goes without saying that a few more items found their way into my basket!

I bought this lacy top in black a few weeks ago and love how it looks on so I was glad I found it in cream too. These tops look great with skinny jeans and can be dressed up for a night out.

pri9 pri10

Continuing with the lace-theme, I also bought this black lace jumper. This has quite a casual sweater shape to it but the beautiful thick lace material gives it a bit of an edge.

pri1 pri2

This top was actually reduced to £3 and I bought it purely for the leather-look sleeves.  I like combining different textures and materials in an item of clothing and I like the purple and black together.

pri6 pri15

Despite vowing not to buy any more dresses (I came home from America with 16 new ones!), I fell in love with this William Morris-esque design. I usually favour polka dots and floral designs so this is unlike anything I already have in my wardrobe.

pri7 pri8

This next top was a bit of a last minute buy and I’m still not too sure about it. It’s fairly standard from the front but has an interesting split/ gap along the back. Ian thinks it looks ridiculous (he’s not one to mince his words!) but I kind of like the fact it is a bit different!

pri13 pri14

I always find it a bit cringey when trendy places on the high street sell band tshirts as I think people often buy them because they think the band is cool rather than being a real fan of their music. Well, I now look like one of those people BUT…I bloody love the Ramones (I made Ian trek with me across New York so we could visit CBGBs and I could have a fan girl moment!) so I think I’m allowed to. Feel free to roll your eyes though!


In the home section, I got this white wicker candle holder. It is big enough to hold a chunky church candle but I have been using tea lights. In fact, I am kicking myself for only buying one as a pair would look great either side of my fireplace!

pri4 pri5

Finally, Ian bought a few new suits recently and I saw this cute moustache pocket handkerchief which would look great with them.


I’m report writing this weekend but plan to find some time for a good roast dinner and maybe even some homemade mince pies and a Christmas film – perfect x

Latest Purchases #42 – Primark Basics

I am slowly getting myself back in to work mode after my week off. I don’t actually start back until Wednesday but I did pop in to school today to sort out a few things and start to prepare for the new term. I enjoy this time of year as the kids start to get so excited about Christmas which naturally rubs off on me too!

I call this post a ‘Primarks Basics’ haul because I actually popped in to get a stash of socks and tights but obviously ended up leaving with a lot more! I do love a Primarni shop as you never quite know what you will come out with. I bought a lot of tights simply because I can’t seem to wear a pair for longer than a day without getting some sort of hole or ladder in them. I’ve tried lots of brands, including some posh £20 ones from Pretty Polly, and the same thing happened so I stick to Primark ones now as it means I don’t feel quite so annoyed when I have to throw them away after only one wear. (Oh dear, I’ve just read that back and it sounds so wasteful and throwaway!)


First up, a bit of knitwear. My mum bought me a lovely black and white striped jumper from her holiday in Vancouver last year and I was really annoyed when I managed to ruin it in the wash! So when I saw this replacement for £7 I had to have it. Of course, the first time I wore it, I managed to drop some curry down it and naturally it had to land on the white part!


These two cardigans were £6 each and great for wearing over a dress for work. I really like the buttons on each of them and picked one V-neck and one round-neck for a bit of variety.

pri4 pri5 pri6 pri7

I bought a lot of new dresses on my trip to the States this year but they are quite summery so I was on the lookout for a more seasonal outfit to wear out in the evenings and these next two items are perfect. I love this black top, especially the lace arms although it is very sheer so you need to wear a vest top underneath!

pri8 pri9

I also picked up this navy jacquard skater skirt for just £3. The pattern on this is very subtle but adds some texture and I find this style skirt very flattering. The only thing I’m not that keen on is the black waistband but it’s not noticeable with a longer top. I wore these two items together recently and thought they worked well.

pri10 pri11 beer4

Right, onto the tights and socks, which was my reason for shopping in the first place. Not that much to say about these except that they were cheap, cheerful and I will be wearing them all winter!

pri12 pri14 pri15 pri16

These frilly ones are my favourites!

pri25 pri26

I went a little overboard in the shoe area. I have a real problem when I like something that comes in more than one colour as I simply cannot decide which one to buy so end up buying all of them. I am afraid to say this happened with these £5 bow ballet shoes but in my defence they are super comfortable and I will wear them constantly to work.


pri35 pri42


pri37 pri39


pri31 pri33 pri34

I also love these maroon beauties with the gold detailing.

pri28 pri29

I had a quick look around the home section before I paid and picked up this Winter candle (£1) because it smelt like mince pies and this Home sign (£1) – look at the labelling fail too!

pri17 pri19 pri20 pri22 pri23

Finally, as I was queuing up, I was stood next to a lipstick stand and picked up this bright pink colour for the grand total of £1. I wasn’t expecting anything special but I liked the Topshop-esque packaging and the colour is actually very nice and lasted a couple of hours.

pri43 pri44

So there you have it, a few recent purchases and if I had to pick a favourite then it would have to be the lacy top…I may even have to go back and get it in another colour!

This Week’s Nails – Halloween Inspired

Happy Halloween! I have to admit that I don’t really celebrate this day but that didn’t stop me indulging in a little themed manicure. I have seen some amazing Halloween nail art online this week but this is quite a subtle way of embracing the day without going for the zombie/ witch/ black cat/ Frankenstein effect!


To achieve this look, I used three nail varnishes; an orangey shade, a black and white confetti layer and a clear topcoat.


First up was a new shade by Natural Collection called ‘Antique Coral’. I’m not sure where the ‘Antique’ part comes from but this is a lovely coral shade with a slight shimmer to it. I haven’t bought anything from Natural Collection since I was in my teens but this was in a Boots deal a little while ago so I picked it up to try out. I have to say that the first coat was a little thin and streaky but with 2-3 layers, this is a lovely nail varnish and for less than £2 a bottle, I would have a look at some of the other shades.

hnails7 hnails8

Next, I added a layer of the L’Oreal black and white Confetti Top Coat which I love using. I like the random placement of glitter pieces and how no nail looks the same as the next.


To finish the look, I went over the manicure with a layer of Calvin Klein topcoat and this actually ended up lasting for a whole week.  I really liked this look – I think it is pumpkin-esque without being too obviously Halloween themed.

hnails9 hnails10

And finally…Ian and I popped into Bristol for a wander around Cabot Circus on our way home from our hotel break this week and I couldn’t resist this spooky jumper from Primark, which was reduced to just £5! It is so soft and snuggly and fits me perfectly that I won’t be able to resist wearing it for the next few weeks as the cold nights draw in.


This Week’s Nails – Nude and Gems

Hello! Today I am posting another double review as I try out a couple of new products.


I was tempted by a free shipping weekend on the ELF website and recently ordered lots of new items to try out, some of which I will review on here soon. I am a fan of their nail varnishes so bought a few new shades. I think they have a great selection of colours and they are decent quality for the price.

I have been after a few more nude shades for my collection and when I saw this gorgeous taupe colour I had to pop it in my basket!


It is called ‘Smokey Brown’ and is a lovely light brown shade, with a hint of grey – slightly sludgy but in a good way! Here it is after two coats:


To decorate my nails I decided to open these nail art pens that I picked up recently at Primark for just £2.


They are kind of like a 3-in-1 product because they have a thin brush for drawing designs, stripes and chevrons, an extra-fine precision pen for dotting and some nail gems.

nude14 nude13

Today, I decided to use some of the nail gems. They were slightly fiddly to place but that may just be down to the fact that I don’t have a very steady hand!


I had a look at some of my favourite nail blogs for inspiration and tried out a few different looks.




I think my favourite effect is the simple line of gems down the middle of the nail.

I’m not sure how practical this look is (I predict at least one gem will have fallen off by the end of the day!) but for a night out, this looks rather glam and is very easy to do.


I’m off to enjoy the sunshine and spend the day with my bestie xxx

Latest Purchases #21 – Slipper Pumps

I have been bitten by the baking bug this week! It is my turn to bring in treats for the staff room and so far I have made my White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies, a Lemon Drizzle Loaf, Chocolate Brownies and tonight I have just put the finishing touches to a Malteser Cheesecake…phew! So, needless to say there are some recipe posts on their way to you soon if you feel like a sweet treat.

The shoes in today’s post are a style that I have liked for a while but I have struggled to find a pair that I really love. The problem with these ‘slipper pumps’ is that lots of shops seem to sell them in red, black and purple velvet making them look exactly like a pair of slippers or something Hugh Hefner would wear!


When I saw this dogtooth print I knew I had to have them… what makes me love these shoes even more is that they were on sale for just £2 in Primark!


I love the colour and pattern of these and monochrome has been all over the catwalks these past few weeks so they are right on trend too. The black patent piping around the edge of the shoe adds a nice bit of detail and they are so comfortable I have worn them a lot to work and at the weekends.


What do you think of my latest bargain? x