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Latest Purchases #81 – A Vintage Haul

I am already failing at trying to post every day this week but we have visitors staying so I don’t feel too guilty!


On Sunday, Ian and I headed to our favourite monthly market – the Frome Independent. This just seems to get better and better and when the sun shines it is fab. There is a great mix of independent stall holders, local food and drink plus a whole vintage market to peruse. We found some real treasures this time!

First of all, a bottle of the most delicious chai syrup from Henny and Joe’s which is handmade in Bath. Chai tea lattes are my all-time favourite drink but many of the flavoured syrups you can buy just don’t hit the spot. This contains all the natural herbs and spices found in chai with no nasty additives. I also learned about a chai/ cider hybrid called a ‘chaider’ which I must try!

IMG_1672 IMG_1689

Ian got a t-shirt too from cool independent brand ‘Wolfe Party’. They have some really great items (I bought Ian some of their wooden sunglasses for his birthday) and I love the neon flecks in this material.

IMG_1687 IMG_1688

Onto our vintage finds…

Ian spotted these old milk bottles and it was difficult to narrow them down to our three favourites. This reminds me of when we used to have a bottle of milk delivered and my brother and I would fight to get the creamy bit on top!


I have been looking at macramé plant holders on etsy, as well as contemplating making some myself, but when I saw this vintage one with a cool hanging plant already planted, I admit that the easy ‘ready-made’ option looked appealing! This is a Swedish Ivy and it actually has orange sap which is cool. This is already hanging up in our conservatory.


Next, another item I saw and fell in love with. I saw a beautiful gold cafetiere recently and this original Maxwell House glassware jug with gold detailing is in near perfect condition. I plan on using this to make up a batch of iced coffee or chai lattes to keep in the fridge.

IMG_1678 IMG_1679

A pretty gravy boat next in mint green – I didn’t really need this but thought it was so pretty.


Ian really liked the look of these little glasses. I think they are for brandy but I’m sure any liquor will do! This coloured glass has a really pretty pearlescent shine to it and they look great on our bar cart.

IMG_1683 IMG_1684

Finally, an old fish box which we hasn’t got a home yet but is the perfect size for storing kitchen items. Lots of restaurants use these style wooden boxes for keeping their condiments in which is a great idea.

IMG_1694 IMG_1695

We weren’t on the hunt for any large items of furniture but I love getting some pieces for our home that are truly unique! x


Support Your Local Farmers’ Market!

January always feels like a long month after Christmas and New Year celebrations, but here we are in February, which means it’s half-term soon and I have two weekends away to look forward to!

I have been fighting a cold for the past few days so plan on having a nice, relaxing weekend seeing some friends and family with a long lie-in tomorrow.

Last weekend, taking advantage of some sunshine, Ian and I popped in to Bradford-on-Avon to our local Farmers’ Market.

This is one of my favourite ways to spend a leisurely Sunday morning, enjoying the variety of sights, smells and (hopefully!) tasters of locally grown food.


Not only is this a fantastic way to support small, local businesses and producers but you get an amazing selection of seasonal food that often isn’t available in the supermarkets.

Whenever Ian and I go away, I always try to hunt out a food festival or market to browse through and, without fail, make a few foodie purchases. I especially love doing this when we are abroad to get a real feel for the people, food and culture.


I was relatively restrained during this visit and just came away with some pastries for breakfast the next morning:


And a delicious new cow’s milk cheese, called Wasabi Pearl:


Made by The Old Cheese Room, based in Wiltshire, this ball of cheese is deliciously creamy with a hint of spicy wasabi throughout. It was very tasty on some poppy seed crackers.



We are lucky in the South-West to have some excellent food producers and several food festivals throughout the year. I know it is usually more convenient and sometimes cheaper to get everything during one visit to the supermarket but keep your eyes peeled for your local food market and treat yourself to a stroll and some goodies…you won’t regret it!

Latest Purchases #10 – My Vintage Jacket

I met up with my best friends this weekend in Birmingham to hit the markets.

First up was a market of the vintage kind. Birmingham has a very cool vintage scene with lots of gorgeous shops and markets popping up on a regular basis. We went to The Custard Factory again to have a browse of all the lovely clothes and accessories.

There was a great range available but we all seemed to gravitate towards coats…

All three of us girls ended up buying jackets and all three were rather fabulous! Hannah got a beautiful pale brown fur coat, Lucie got an original 1960s cape (I sooooo want a cape now!) and I got this vintage silk Chinese jacket.

I wasn’t on the lookout for a coat but I found this jade-coloured beauty with a £5 price tag and after seeing the time and care that went into it, I just couldn’t leave it behind!

It is still in need of a bit of an iron but I love it.

The detail in the flowers and fastenings is really beautiful.

This obviously isn’t for daily wear(!), but I think it will make a rather gorgeous statement jacket over an LBD or with black skinnies and a simple top. I am determined to get at least one wear out of it over Christmas so I will post some pictures when I do!

After our vintage haul, we headed up to the German Christmas Market which graces Birmingham every year and sells an amazing variety of gifts, toys and most importantly food and mulled wine!

I had to get some potatoes and mushrooms drenched in garlic sauce (my favourite!) and Ian indulged in some proper German sausage!

Unfortunately, the weather was pretty grim and it wasn’t ideal for wandering around so we took shelter in a local pub which served an equally delicious and warming mulled wine!