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Latest Purchases #38 – Leather Casio Watch

Hello! It’s been a miserable, grey day today and I have spent my afternoon on a Maths course so Ian and I are heading out for dinner tonight to brighten up the day. We will however be rushing home to watch ‘Educating Yorkshire’ which I think is rather brilliant and I love discussing it at school the next day!

Today’s post is not strictly speaking a ‘purchase’ but a lovely present that Ian surprised me with last weekend. He is a fan of the old-school, retro Casio watches and has them in various colours. I spotted the ladies version in gold in Urban Outfitters a while ago but my skin reacts to anything that isn’t gold or silver (what can I say…expensive taste!) so I have been admiring it from afar.

However, whilst browsing on ASOS the other day, I noticed this little beauty and sent Ian the link. I thought £40 was a bit much, especially as they are usually around the £20 mark, but I suppose it is something you wear every day and is obviously extremely useful too!


I love how the thin leather strap makes it quite girly and delicate yet the recognisable watch-face gives it that cool, vintage vibe.


I tend to wear a lot of gold jewellery so this accessory has fitted in nicely to my wrist wear and I suppose I need to treat my husband to dinner tonight to say thank you for it! X


Latest Purchases #37 – Midi Rings

Looking back on my blogs from previous Septembers, I always go a bit quiet and sporadic with my posts at this time of year as I am still adapting to the new school year and just how much work I need to try and fit in to stay on top of everything! I know things will settle down soon but it currently feels like a bit of balancing act to do everything I have to do and those things I want to do.

One thing I have managed to find time for is online shopping! Ian and I both seem to have ASOS boxes arriving on a weekly basis at the moment as we have treated ourselves to a few new things for the colder weather.


I have been on the look-out for some midi rings for what feels like ages. They are those funny little rings that sit high up on your finger between the first and second knuckle and I think they look lovely!


I found a set of three thin gold bands, with a little curve in them, on ASOS for a fiver. I like the fact they aren’t a plain circular band and they look great worn on any of the three middle fingers.


These rings have been everywhere this summer but I don’t feel like they are too trendy to not be able to wear them again and they are small and dainty enough to go with most outfits and nail varnish colour.


Latest Purchases #33 – Sausage Dog Ring Holder

Let it be known that I am obsessed with sausage dogs! I will one day own one, but until then I make do with Daschund-inspired items, like this little beauty.

dog1 dog2

I spotted this ring holder on ASOS a little while ago and when I saw it reduced to £9 in their recent sale I had to have it!

As well as looking oh so cute, it does go some way to solving my jewellery storage problem by providing a place to store some of my rings.


This would make a lovely gift for a jewellery-obsessed friend…I really love it!


Latest Purchases #31 – Jewellery

I cannot resist cute things. Put these items on a piece of jewellery and I’m sold! I ordered these pieces recently and although I didn’t need any of them, they will fit in perfectly to my jewellery collection. To make up for the new arrivals, I even did a good sort out of my jewellery boxes last night, sending a nice little bag to the charity shop.

First up, the rings…


This gold mesh bow ring is quite a statement piece but looks delicate enough to wear every day.


One bow ring wasn’t enough for me so I also got this black spotty one!


I saw these adorable bear rings and loved how simple the design was so got them in gold and silver. They both have quite an industrial bashed-up look to them which I think is a cool contrast to the cute design.

ring10 ring6

Finally, a charm necklace. I own a ridiculous amount of these but wear them daily so I can almost justify another one. I love how unusual and kooky this piece is…I can’t say I have ever thought of putting a coat hanger and a string of pearls together but I think it works and is rather charming!

ring8 ring9

A nice little mid-week treat! xxx

Latest Purchases #30 – My New (and very impractical) White Watch

A bit of a late post tonight! I am doing my good girlfriend duty and picking Ian up later tonight (or most likely the early hours of tomorrow morning!) after a night out so I have had two espressos and I am now buzzing! I stupidly wasted a good chunk of my evening watching Snakes on a Plane (surely the title should have warned me about the quality of this film?!) but I thought I would sit down and share my latest purchase.

I love rose gold jewellery and, if money were no object, I would love to buy the much coveted Michael Kors rose gold watch. However, for now I wanted a cheaper alternative for the summer.

I have to admit that I have sort of got out of the habit of wearing a watch on a daily basis and tend to use my watches as jewellery rather than for practicality but I really liked this white one I saw online.


Yes, it is highly impractical and I am sure the white rubberised strap will pick up every bit of fluff and dirt around but while it is nice and bright it is the perfect summer accessory!


This has quite a chunky, sporty style face but I think the rose gold highlights soften it and make it a bit more girly.


We are seeing family tomorrow then I am starting my hunt for a bikini for this summer…is there anything more depressing than changing room lighting?!

Have a great weekend!

Latest Purchases #27 – Forever 21 Haul

Well, we are starting this weekend with a very grey, cloudy sky which makes it hard to believe that we were outside in the garden in t-shirts this time last week! It is funny how much the weather affects your moods. Last week, I felt I could do anything and wanted to start new projects, cook new recipes and visit new places whereas today I feel much less energetic and am craving comfort food and a good box set with my boy tonight!

Today’s post is sharing some summery pieces I bought online from Forever 21 earlier this week.


I have only ever bought sandals and jewellery at the Forever 21 store in Birmingham, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the clothes. I bought a mixture of sale and new season items and I have to admit that I had my summer holiday to the States in mind!


First up, my favourite piece of clothing, from the new season collection, is this pair of black and taupe polka-dot trousers. I wrote last summer about my love for printed trousers and they seem to be everywhere this season! There is a fine line between on-trend prints and looking like you have stepped out in your pyjamas so you have to think carefully about what you pair with these trousers! I absolutely love the silky-soft material and they have a slightly elasticated waist meaning they will be accommodating at those Las Vegas all-you-can-eat buffets! Hehe

haul26 haul10 haul8

Next up, bought to wear with the spotty trousers, is this beautiful, sheer blouse. I love the folds, the buttons down the back and the bow detail this has and although it is very sheer, it is chic and will keep you cool in the sun. This was a real bargain at just £7.99 too!

haul31 haul28 haul5 haul6

I recently had a good clear-out of my sandals and threw away a gold pair of gladiators that I loved but which quite frankly had seen better days. Therefore I was on the hunt for some new gold footwear because the colour goes with everything, especially a tan in warmer months! I love the cut-out design of this pair and I know Forever 21 footwear is comfortable too so I can see myself wearing these daily on holiday.

haul22 haul20 haul38

Some slightly more boring things now…cropped leggings for Pilates and a few basic vest tops which I popped into my basket.


I love Forever 21’s jewellery collection. In their store at the Bullring, it takes up over half a floor and I have often found myself popping in there to have a mooch and coming out with handfuls of necklaces and earrings! I saw this cool gold lightning bolt necklace and at just £1.65 couldn’t resist it.

haul35 haul33

Next, some dangly earrings, both at less than £2 a pair. I love the Great Gatsy/ art-deco look of these teardrop earrings and they are just big enough to make a statement without being too heavy to wear all day.

haul36 haul18

I also got these pretty beaded earrings which are quite big but delicate too. I can see myself wearing these a lot over the summer.

haul37 haul15 haul16

Finally, I decided to have a little look at the Men’s sections on the website to see if there was anything I could treat Ian to. It definitely wasn’t his style but they had some cool printed t-shirts so I picked up this blue one covered in little diamonds.

haul43 haul42

And that’s your lot – a nice little payday treat for this month! All of these items are available on Forever 21’s website but their sale items are changing daily. There is free shipping on any order over £50 and I have to admit that I hunted through for some additional items to take me up to the £50 mark so my purchases were more ‘worth it’!!! Does anyone else use this warped logic when shopping online?! Oh well, I ended up with a few extra pieces so I’m happy!


Latest Purchases #26 Matalan Shoe Event

So, I was just turning my laptop off last night after writing a post and an update from one of my favourite bloggers caught my eye. Matalan had just announced they were having a £5 shoe sale and seeing as it is on my drive home from work, I thought that it couldn’t hurt to pop in and have a quick look around!

I have mentioned before how comfortable I find their ballet pumps and for less than a tenner I usually pick up a couple of pairs throughout the year, mainly to wear for work. Today, I managed to limit myself to 3 pairs of ballet pumps but of course picked up a few more bits too!

First of all the shoes…


Black Suede Loafers:

shoe14 shoe15

Tan Leather Loafers:

shoe16 shoe17

And my favourites, these nude peep toe pumps with gold detailing and a lovely big bow on the front.shoe18 shoe19 shoe20

All three pairs were about £15 full price but I got them all for £5 each. The loafers are so comfortable and look great with tights or bare feet.

I also picked up a few pieces of jewellery. My bargain of the day was this gold ‘lips’ ring reduced to just 50p! I know it’s a kind of love/ hate piece but I think it looks rather rock ‘n’ roll!

shoe1 shoe2

Next, is this double chain with two little sovereigns hanging down. It is a mixture of gold and silver which I wasn’t too sure of but layered over a maxi dress in the summer I think it is perfect for a boho hippy look.


This three-layered gold chain is decorated in delicate little gold crosses and is a cool take on the goth trend that has been everywhere recently.


shoe6 shoe7

Finally, my favourite purchase of the day and my new favourite necklace…



This is a real statement piece and I just love the mink grey ribbon that forms the chain. Although it is quite a dramatic piece of jewellery, the gems on it are neutral enough to go with most colours so I hope to get some good wear out of it!


So that rounds up my little mid-week treat…you can never have too many shoes nor too much jewellery!