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Latest Purchases #84 – Summer Sales

It’s almost the summer holidays! This is a funny time of year as I try to cram the last few things into the end of term (prom tomorrow!) and start to get ready for our American adventure, plus a weekend in London with friends on the cards…busy but good busy!

I have been picking up a few bits and bobs in various sales over the past few weeks and thought I would bundle all of the items together into a blog post.

First up, Forever 21. We don’t have one of these in Bath but we popped into a store in the Trafford Centre and I came out with one of the least summery offerings available; a pair of chunky boots!

IMG_2047 IMG_2048

Despite not really needing them at the moment, I couldn’t leave these gold-plated beauties on the shelf. I love the colour (not brown or black like my other boots), the gold hardware and the straps across the front. They also have cut-out side panels which I really like and means I can start wearing them as soon as summer is on its way out as they aren’t solely winter boots.

IMG_2049 IMG_2051

Whilst I was in Forever 21, I also picked up a basic black cardigan, these pretty gold and white earrings and this cute polka dot makeup bag which I will probably take with me to America.

IMG_2079 IMG_2052 IMG_2053IMG_2058

I needed a few boring bits from Primark recently but I defy anyone to pop in there and not pick up something new! I spotted this dark grey tshirt with an embellished neckline and bought it a few sizes bigger than my normal size as I wanted a looser fit.

IMG_2055 IMG_2056

Next an ebay impulse purchase after I decided I wanted something embroidered in my wardrobe! I found this navy dress and really like the coral pink of the flowers. This is a loose, flowing smock-style dress which looks good with bare legs or over leggings.

IMG_2059 IMG_2061

I also bought this shirt from H&M on a whim but have worn it loads already. I like the print and I also really like the fact that the hem is slightly longer at the back.

IMG_2062 IMG_2063

ASOS did their usual thing of tempting me with some sale emails so I caved in and bought a few items; a pair of black, slim-leg trousers for work, some funky patterned trousers and a white top from Mango that I meant to photograph but is still sitting on my ironing pile!


A duo next from TKMaxx and Superdrug which work perfectly together. I had wanted a new powder brush for a while so thought ‘why not try out a new powder too?’ This ecotools brush is my first from the brand but is soooooo soft! It’s quite chunky so maybe not great for travelling but it is lovely to use and is perfect for applying powder or bronzer evenly across the face. The Bourgois Healthy Balance Powder is a blogger’s favourite and I can see why.

IMG_2082 IMG_2083 IMG_2084

Finally, I popped into Accesorize and picked up some earrings. Both the orange and lime green pairs remind me of something you could pick up in a Mexican market and feel very summery.

IMG_2069 IMG_2070 IMG_2071 IMG_2077 IMG_2081

However, my favourite purchase was this gorgeous ear cuff which just about fits my tiny ears!

IMG_2072 IMG_2073 IMG_2075

Right, I’m off to binge on the new series of Veep! x

Latest Purchases #82 – ‘Front and Back’ Earrings

A little jewellery haul today with some pretty bangles and a new style of earrings I have been loving for the last few weeks.

First up, the bangles:

IMG_1744 IMG_1745

I picked these up from H&M as I loved the gem-like look of them – my favourite is the rose gold one!

Now onto the interestingly named ‘front and back’ earrings – I’m not even sure if that’s their proper name but it kind of explains the style quite nicely. I looked everywhere for a pair of these and these two were the nicest I’d seen. Some earrings in this style are very elaborate but I like these two pairs as they are very wearable.


First up, the chunkier pair which remind me of a bellybutton bar at first glance! I love the pale pink gem in these and think they sit perfectly in the ear.

IMG_1747 IMG_1755

Next, another pink and gold pair but these have a more delicate look to them and can be worn with the 7-jewel backing or without as a simple pair of studs. If I had to choose, I’d probably say these were my favourite of the two.

IMG_1756 IMG_1757

Both pairs of these earrings were from River Island and they had another few cool designs too…I may be back for more!

Latest Purchases #79 – A Summery Primark Haul

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! We were back at the Apple shop this morning to fix my smashed iPhone screen which was slight deja-vu having tried to sort it yesterday, but we headed to Bills for brunch so it was well worth the trip!

I went on a little trip to Primark recently and picked up some bits and bobs for summer: footwear, pjs, homeware, jewellery…a little bit of everything.

First up the shoes. I have to admit that I went a little bit mad here (5 pairs!) but I am operating a strict one-in-one-out policy in my shoe collection and I know I will definitely get good wear out of all of them.

Although we don’t have too strict a dress code at work, I do like to wear shoes as opposed to flip flops or sandals so I picked up a couple of pairs of Primark’s slipper-style ballet pumps in black and leopard print.

IMG_1481 IMG_1482 IMG_1472 IMG_1471

I also bought pair of cream crochet pumps which I think are just a little bit smarter than espadrilles.

IMG_1484 IMG_1483

I love these black laser-cut sandals which are flat but I think look a bit dressier than usual.

IMG_1486 IMG_1485

Finally, I had been after a pair of sliders after seeing them everywhere this season and found these snakeskin-effect ones. They are so comfortable and I think they look very on-trend and much more expensive than they were.

IMG_1466 IMG_1465

A few homeware pieces next. I had been after some grey and pink accessories to finish off the look of our newly-decorated guest bedroom and found this grey-striped and pretty pink one. I had been looking at similar striped ones from John Lewis so these were a bargain in comparison.

IMG_1461 IMG_1462

Sticking with the pink theme, I got this Red Berry and Jasmine candle. I’m not sure how good Primark candles are but I mainly bought this for the colour.


I went a bit mad on candle holders too and bought a set of these purple geometric ones and some white ones. I remember reading on an interiors blog that these things always look better in threes so there was a reason for buying so many! My only niggle is that the price stickers on them are so sticky they leave a really horrible patch when you try to peel them off…I hate it when products do that!

IMG_1475 IMG_1474 IMG_1478

Onto the clothes now and these bleached jeans. I wanted a pair of pale jeans that weren’t white and these fit the bill perfectly. The acid-wash look is very cool and they are light and summery.


My bargain of the day was this pineapple t-shirt which was reduced to £1! I bought it a couple of sizes bigger and plan to wear it as a pyjama top.


Talking of pyjamas, I picked up these trousers in the ‘loungewear’ section. I love the print on them and I don’t think they look too pyjama-esque. I have an essay to write this week and I can see myself wearing these as I procrastinate write.


Finally, a baggy waterfall cardigan in a cool Aztec print. I actually bought this in an XS size as I wanted it to be loose but not swamp me. This is the perfect jacket to throw on in this transitional period where it isn’t quite warm enough to leave the house without a jacket but you don’t want to be weighed down by a big winter coat.

IMG_1493 IMG_1491

On to the accessories now and it wouldn’t be a blogger’s summer haul without a flower crown! I jest, but I did pick up this small crown with the intention of wearing it to a summer BBQ – I think these are so pretty.


Some bracelets next – I like this mix of gold, silver and rose gold.


This may be TMI but I had to show you these cute pants…they have sausage dogs on them!


A boring buy next but necessary to keep your feet smelling fresh – some ‘footies’.


And finally, a new handbag and another item that looks so much more expensive than it is. I love the shape of this bag and the detailing in the design. It isn’t huge but that means I won’t overpack it with stuff I don’t need and I like that I can wear this on the shoulder or across the body.


Latest Purchases #71 – Olivia Burton Watch

After keeping this watch looking pretty in its box since Christmas, I thought it was finally time to pull off the protective film (so satisfying!) and take this beauty out for a ride.


Olivia Burton is a trendy British brand that looks back to vintage designs for their watches and I am a fan of their simple, classic designs.


This brand has become famed for their oversized faces and beautiful leather straps but I opted for a watch from the ‘Modern Vintage’ range which have a slightly smaller face. This is going to sound like somewhat of a humble brag but I have tiny wrists (seemingly the one skinny part of my body!) and huge watch faces just don’t look or sit right on my arms.


Rose gold is obviously still having a moment, and I do love it, but when I was browsing this range I fell for this classic tan and gold design. It has a lovely thick leather strap and a chunky gold face with a pretty geometric pattern.


Having been used to wearing a digital watch (gotta love an old school Casio), my only tiny niggle is that there aren’t any numbers on the face but the design looks so lovely that I know numbers would ruin the aesthetic.

I love this watch and must stop myself looking online at more designs!

Latest Purchases #64 – A Jewellery Haul

We’ve had a busy but lovely Saturday which included a lie-in (standard), mac ‘n’ cheese, cuddles with baby Ivy, a windswept walk, a quick half in the local pub and more Christmas presents. So far a great weekend! I wanted to make the most of today as I am spending tomorrow sat at my desk completing research, writing action plans and starting an essay for a course I am almost halfway through…I feel bucketloads of tea will be consumed to get me through the day!

Today’s post however is completely dedicated to jewellery and those little items that can make all the difference to an outfit. I have a bit of a mixed bag of items that I have bought over the past few months and it confirms my obsession with anchors too!


It’s no secret I love a charm necklace and wear one most days. This set of three necklaces in gold, silver and rose-gold look great layered and worn together or worn individually. The word ‘hope’ is engraved on one side of each disc, adding some additional interest.

IMG_1039 IMG_1040

This gold necklace has an engraved anchor design and I like that this is a little longer than my usual charm necklaces.



This one was a tricky one to photograph so you will just have to take my word that it looks very cool on. It has the unique split design of a gold and black arrow and is unlike anything I already own.

IMG_1041 IMG_1043 IMG_1045


I love this ring! A gold anchor set on a rope-effect band, this is a delicate yet statement ring to wear.

IMG_1050 IMG_1052

This is a slightly larger ring but I really like the hammered gold effect.

IMG_1056 IMG_1057

A simple yet pretty ring, this heart ring adds a splash of colour.


Have owls/ foxes/ woodland creatures had their day yet?! I’m not sure but I still really like this statement owl ring.


A cute straw boater ring – a really unusual design to add to my collection.



I feel like I am constantly on the lookout for gold and black earrings as it’s a colour combination I love. These drop earrings are casual enough to be worn through the day but can equally be paired with a dressier evening outfit.


I really like the tribal look of these colourful stud earrings



I don’t wear too many hair clips/ slides but these cute silver feather and horseshoe ones look lovely.


 Have a great weekend! x

Latest Purchases #63 – Sales Haul

Hello! Ian had to go back to work today so after having family to stay over Christmas and being away for a few days, it was today’s mission to pack away the Christmas decorations for another year, tidy up, put my presents away and make a huge pie to use up the last of our Christmas ham.


I always feel a bit sad taking down the decorations that have made our home look so cosy and festive for the last month but it is nice to get things back to normal again and the pie is currently in the oven and smelling delicious!

Today I wanted to share a few bits I got in the sales. I have to say that I didn’t think they were that great this year and I generally feel a bit guilty about sales shopping so close to Christmas as I always receive so many lovely presents. But, I couldn’t resist a little peek.

On Boxing Day, I am usually still in my post-Christmas dinner coma and not a fan of elbowing my way through the bargains. However, my email inbox was pinging constantly with offers from different shops so I did a bit of online perusing with my old friend ASOS.

I always keep my eyes peeled for the ASOS skater dresses in the sales – I must have about 5 already but they wash well and are the perfect length and fit to wear for work. This bright pink one is a little different to any I already own and was a bargain.

DSCN0513 DSCN0516

I am seriously in love with this jumper. I do have a lot of stripes in my wardrobe but I fell for these gorgeous heart elbow patches.

DSCN0517 DSCN0518 DSCN0519

Some jewellery next…this pearl ring has a vintage look to it (although I struggled to get a decent photo!)


I like these gold and black drop earrings and the little black chains swing nicely when you wear them.


If I wear a statement necklace, I often wear stud earrings and this set of three are just my style.

DSCN0525 DSCN0528

I definitely do not need any more scarves but this chunky black snakeskin one was calling out to me.

IMG_0955 DSCN0530

Finally, I did find five minutes to pop to the shops this week for some essentials (black tights!) and found a few more must-have items.

This bright red coat is a classic design and you will definitely be able to spot me in a crowd!


A little luxe item next. Faux fur is everywhere at the moment and this burgundy item (I’m not sure if it’s a scarf, a stole or just a wrap!) feels really luxurious and glamorous when worn and adds an instant fur collar to any coat.


I love nightshirts for bed and this fleecy checked shirt is so snuggly and cosy. I will be pairing this with a pair of knee-high chunky socks until it gets warmer.

DSCN0534 DSCN0535

Last of all a gorgeous thick bobble hat which kept my head and ears warm on a very windy walk on New Year’s Day.

DSCN0536 IMG_0966 IMG_0968

Before I go, I had to share my New Year pie fresh out the oven…yum!


Have you bought anything in the sales this year? x

Latest Purchases #57 – Back to School Buys (An ASOS and Primark Haul)

Today’s haul is a nice mixture of fashion and beauty buys. I have called it my ‘Back to School Buys’ but really it was more a case of me getting myself organised before work kicks in again and I find myself with much less free time than I have been used to this holiday!

First up, my ASOS goodies. My ‘uniform’ so to speak for work tends to be a dress with tights, boots and a cardigan in the winter and leggings and sandals in the summer. Therefore, when I buy a dress, I usually try to make sure it will look good the year round with either of these combinations.

I LOVE this floral skater dress from Oasis. I like that it has three-quarter length sleeves and the darker colours with a pop of neon mean I can wear it to work or dress it up with heels for a night out.


I also bought this floral and striped dress with a Peter Pan collar from River Island. I think it is the perfect colour for Autumn although unfortunately the sizing is huge so I am returning this for a smaller size…never a bad thing!

asos28 asos29

Obviously now is a great time to pick up summery items for next year as the shops begin to promote their Autumn/ Winter range and this little black strapless sundress will be great for holidays worn over a bikini. At £7 it was a bargain too!


As well as the dresses, I also picked up a few beauty items.


Top of my list was a bottle of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, another product that beauty bloggers seem to rave about! These 18-in-1 formulas claim to wash everything from your hair to your sink but I wanted it as a make-up brush cleaner and when I saw there was a rose version I had to have it.


I also decided to try a shade from the Rimmel Apocalips in Aurora. There was so much hype when these were released that I wasn’t sure it would live up to it. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Aurora is a reddish-coral shade which I wore out to dinner earlier this week. The colour pay-off is great and it applies with a great glossy finish before it dries to a creamy matte. I found it lasted well too so would be great for those times when you don’t want to be constantly reapplying your lippy. I think I will be picking up a few more shades in this range!

asos14 asos19

I spotted two Barry M nail varnished in the sale too. Surprisingly, I don’t really have that many glitters or nail toppers and these two looked like they were packed full of glitter.


I bought Yellow Topaz Glitter from their Jewel range, a formula packed with gold hexes and tiny holographic pieces. I also got Pink Sapphire Glitter, with pinky-purple hexes and silver bars.


After a dentist appointment earlier in the week, I decided to pop in to Primark for a few bits to cheer myself up. I went at about 9am and it was lovely and quiet – much nicer than the usual crowds!

My main aim was to buy a few more sporty/ work-out items for Pilates and PE lessons. I tend to associate work-out gear with comfort and can sometimes end up wearing slouchy jogging bottoms and loose-fitting t-shirts which can look a little scruffy. While comfort and practicality are still my top considerations, I thought I could do with smartening up my sporting attire!

First up are these jogging bottoms. Slightly fitted so not too baggy, these have a cool leopard print design but aren’t too loud either – exactly what I had in mind!

asos10 asos20

To pair with these, I bought a loose-fitting t-shirt. I will probably wear this with jeans too as I love the details such as the folded sleeves, slightly sheer material and distressed effect on the fabric.

asos21 asos22 asos23

I also picked up a gorgeous white, glittery jumper to wear before it’s time to pull on the thick woolly tops. This looks great over jeans and will be ideal to layer up as it gets colder.

asos7 asos8

Finally, a pair of cute slippers to replace my flip flops around the house.


I was surprised at how much the Primark beauty stands have grown in recent years. They now have a whole make-up line as well as stocking various bath and beauty products from other brands. I also love looking at their false nail designs although I’m not really a fan of wearing them so it’s purely for some nail art inspiration!

I picked up a few things from this section:


Some cute nail files with a floral and owl print


Hair ties


And Primark’s version of the Beauty Blender. I usually apply or blend my foundation with a brush but I have heard so many bloggers rave about these egg-shaped applicators that I thought I would give it a trial.


Finally, I picked up some jewellery. I love the look of layering up several more delicate bracelets and these black and gold ones will look great together. There are some really pretty pieces in this set and for £2 you just can’t go wrong!


Looking back on this post, I ended up buying more than I thought…isn’t that always the way?!

The sun is shining today so I am going to pull on my running shoes and head out before undoing my hard work with some cupcakes I plan on baking later on! x

Latest Purchases #38 – Leather Casio Watch

Hello! It’s been a miserable, grey day today and I have spent my afternoon on a Maths course so Ian and I are heading out for dinner tonight to brighten up the day. We will however be rushing home to watch ‘Educating Yorkshire’ which I think is rather brilliant and I love discussing it at school the next day!

Today’s post is not strictly speaking a ‘purchase’ but a lovely present that Ian surprised me with last weekend. He is a fan of the old-school, retro Casio watches and has them in various colours. I spotted the ladies version in gold in Urban Outfitters a while ago but my skin reacts to anything that isn’t gold or silver (what can I say…expensive taste!) so I have been admiring it from afar.

However, whilst browsing on ASOS the other day, I noticed this little beauty and sent Ian the link. I thought £40 was a bit much, especially as they are usually around the £20 mark, but I suppose it is something you wear every day and is obviously extremely useful too!


I love how the thin leather strap makes it quite girly and delicate yet the recognisable watch-face gives it that cool, vintage vibe.


I tend to wear a lot of gold jewellery so this accessory has fitted in nicely to my wrist wear and I suppose I need to treat my husband to dinner tonight to say thank you for it! X


Latest Purchases #37 – Midi Rings

Looking back on my blogs from previous Septembers, I always go a bit quiet and sporadic with my posts at this time of year as I am still adapting to the new school year and just how much work I need to try and fit in to stay on top of everything! I know things will settle down soon but it currently feels like a bit of balancing act to do everything I have to do and those things I want to do.

One thing I have managed to find time for is online shopping! Ian and I both seem to have ASOS boxes arriving on a weekly basis at the moment as we have treated ourselves to a few new things for the colder weather.


I have been on the look-out for some midi rings for what feels like ages. They are those funny little rings that sit high up on your finger between the first and second knuckle and I think they look lovely!


I found a set of three thin gold bands, with a little curve in them, on ASOS for a fiver. I like the fact they aren’t a plain circular band and they look great worn on any of the three middle fingers.


These rings have been everywhere this summer but I don’t feel like they are too trendy to not be able to wear them again and they are small and dainty enough to go with most outfits and nail varnish colour.


Latest Purchases #33 – Sausage Dog Ring Holder

Let it be known that I am obsessed with sausage dogs! I will one day own one, but until then I make do with Daschund-inspired items, like this little beauty.

dog1 dog2

I spotted this ring holder on ASOS a little while ago and when I saw it reduced to £9 in their recent sale I had to have it!

As well as looking oh so cute, it does go some way to solving my jewellery storage problem by providing a place to store some of my rings.


This would make a lovely gift for a jewellery-obsessed friend…I really love it!