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A Mini Garden Makeover

Over the summer, we gave our front garden flower beds a little revamp and before it gets all cold, dark and dead-looking, I thought I would share our simple improvements.

I feel I should firstly start with the incident that caused us to need to makeover our front garden. The house next door to us was empty for a little while and before the new neighbours moved in, they had a complete clear-out of the very overgrown front garden. Unfortunately, the gardeners got a bit carried away and along with next-door’s weeds and dead plants, they also pulled up all of the flowers and plants in our garden leading to me writing several angry emails to various garden companies until I was offered an apology and compensation for the cost of new plants!

In retrospect, our front garden wasn’t looking that great and although we lost some nice plants, they also pulled up a lot of weeds, in particular a rather invasive climbing plant that we could never seem to get on top of!

Here is the long flower bed in our front garden a few weeks after the gardeners had visited with a lot of weed regrowth. We (I roped in my parents to help!) began by pulling all of the weeds up to create a blank canvas then laying down a good layer of topsoil.

IMG_1558 IMG_1559

My Dad then secured this lovely little white picket fence to separate our front garden from our next-door neighbours’.


Then it was time to get planting. I’m no Charlie Dimmock so cannot give a proper list of plant names but I do know we now have a jasmine tree, several hydrangea bushes, some osteospermum daisies, some ferns and a yellow poppy plant amongst other things.

IMG_1562 IMG_1564 IMG_1565

After nightly watering and weeding, things seemed to flourish and this is our garden at the end of October. I love how the little pink flowering plant hangs over the side of the wall and how alive and colourful everything looks…the bees seem to love our new flower beds too!

IMG_3825 IMG_3826 IMG_3827 IMG_3828 IMG_3829

Latest Purchases #90 – Dotcomgiftshop

Happy Saturday! Ian is working today so I snuck back to bed this morning with brioche and tea to read a few chapters of my new book and plan to spend the day baking, blogging, pottering and doing a little bit of marking.

A little while ago, I made another order at Dotcomgiftshop (which does the most amazing sales!) Here are a few things I picked up…

First up a fun new print for the kitchen. I like the retro style of this picture and of course the celebration of all things pudding! I was going to ask Ian to hang it this weekend but after almost falling out hanging some other prints midweek I think I may need to butter him up first!


I have phases where I find cross stitching really relaxing to do as I watch TV (it stops me constantly checking my phone too!) and this ‘Home Sweet Home’ print is a very sweet project to have lined up.


This metal sign made me giggle. I plan on hanging this in our utility room by the washing machine when we finally decorate it.


I really like this next item – a pastel green herb house. I saw a similar style in IKEA recently and almost bought it but thought this was a little more unique. It comes with six plant pots with blackboard-painted signs for you to add the name of your herbs on. We always have fresh herbs on the go so this will be a lovely way to grow and display them.

IMG_3833 IMG_3834 IMG_3836 IMG_3835

I can never have too many notebooks and this pretty pink and gold design is a happy addition to the collection.


I also picked up this pencil box to try and keep my desk tidier at work.


I love making my baking efforts look a little bit better by using pretty cupcake cases.


I had to bin my old flask recently as it was leaking so this is a good replacement…perfect for filling with hot chocolate when we go on an autumnal country walk!


We always need tea towels and I thought these apples and pears designs looked very Orla Kiely-esque.


Clearly influenced by the same designer, I bought a new jar for storing our teabags.




Despite Ian telling me we don’t need any more tins, I couldn’t resist these pretty ones and they all fit inside the big one so they aren’t taking up too much room!

IMG_3844 IMG_3845

Some washi tape in pretty gingham designs.


Some metal candle holders that I plan on hanging in the garden next summer.


Finally, my most middle-aged purchase (which I am secretly really excited about) is this little gardening set as my knees really hurt when I have to kneel down to dig and plant stuff!


Sunday Catch-up #17

It has been another good but busy week. School has been rather stressful but my parents have been staying with us and it has been lovely to come home and find some DIY jobs completed and dinner cooked for us!

This week I have been…

Making: Mondays a little easier with Nasi Goreng and a cold beer


Going: to Pilates


Wearing: pink and glittery nails


Eating: a rack of ribs with mojitos at Turtle Bay in Bath


Drinking: cream soda…mmmmm


Reading: the next book in the Ladies Detective Agency series

Watching: The Island (and cheering on the girls!)

Buying: candles!


Planning: the long weekend we have coming up…we’re off to Liverpool

Cooking: courgette arancini from scratch


Baking: nada

Writing: birthday cards to friends

Favouriting: Alice’s Thailand adventures…I’m desperate to visit!

Working on: getting more sleep

Trying to decide: where to eat out this week…somewhere new or an old favourite?

Wishing: I could stop leaving things to the last minute!

Enjoying: an evening drink in the sun with my family

IMG_1039 IMG_1040

Needing: a face mask tonight as my skin is so dry at the moment

Feeling: tired after a busy weekend and long drive home

IMG_1062 IMG_1064

Giggling at: this little guy catching some rays on the table


Room Revamps

My recent post on my new yellow wall (read it here) got me thinking about quick room revamps. You know, an piece of furniture, some artwork or a splash of paint that can give a room a new lease of life.

Whilst researching colour scheme and furniture for our newly decorated guest bedroom, I couldn’t help finding things for other rooms so thought I would share a few items.

A new rug can make a real statement in a room. I am growing fond of chevron and geometric print rugs and when I found this lovely grey and white one, I knew it would be perfect for our living room. The muted colours mean the pattern is not too loud but I think it is still a statement piece when you walk in to the room.


We have recently had new neighbours move in which has given me a kick up the arse to get some blinds fitted in our kitchen and upstairs landing…it only took us three years!

I love the look of wooden blinds but didn’t want to lose any light in these two rooms and I’m not a fan of net curtains either. I think these William Morris inspired blinds are the perfect compromise. They are ‘semi-privacy’ blinds so offer just enough privacy without losing any sunlight. I really like the pattern on these and plan to have these fitted in our bedroom too.

IMG_0580 IMG_0581

Two simple room additions that have completely transformed the spaces! x

Sunday Catch-up #15

Why is that holidays always seem to fly by so much quicker than a normal working week?! After a very busy Easter weekend, this week has been much more productive. I have been glued to my laptop getting work done and cooking up a storm in my kitchen. I am back to work on Monday so enjoying my last day of ‘freedom’!

This week I have been…

Making: a big jar of overnight oats with chia


Going: to get my hair cut and coloured


Wearing: sunglasses, finally!


Eating: my lunch outside on the picnic bench


Drinking: Brooklyn Beer


Reading: the next instalment in ‘The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency’ series

Watching: the recap programme on Game of Thrones to refresh my memory ready for the new series

Buying: these beautiful copper lamps


Planning: our weekends for the next few months

Cooking: a delicious chorizo and kale hash


Baking: nothing this week 😦

Writing: non-stop…blog posts, reports, lesson plans, proposals, research notes

Favouriting: this eyeshadow eyeliner tutorial…a really subtle way to wear a flick

Working on: putting the finishing touches to our guest bedroom

Trying to decide: if it’s warm enough for a BBQ lunch today (I don’t think so but Ian is determined!)

Wishing: I had discovered this flavour earlier


Enjoying: how bright my new yellow wall is when the sun shines on it!


Needing: some pamper time with my girlfriends so we have booked a spa day for a few weekends time – lunch, facials, massages….we cannot wait!

Feeling: very pleased with myself after creating a near-perfect dupe for my favourite pasta dish


Giggling at: the little dog down the road who keeps escaping and trots off along the road on its own adventures!

A Splash of Colour

Not content with redecorating one room during this holiday, I was itching to add a bit more colour to our bedroom.

I wrote about our bedroom makeover here when my Mum and I transformed it from a metallic turquoise and patterned wallpaper mess into a crisp white room with grey and yellow accents. I still love this colour scheme but was browsing Pinterest for some ideas and came across the idea of adding a pop of colour around the window.

I was wary of painting on our beautiful white walls but decided to just go for it and I bought a sample pot of the brightest yellow I could find in B&Q (Narcissi if you’re wondering) and slapped on two coats.

IMG_0592 IMG_0593 IMG_0610 IMG_0628

It is quite a shocking shade but there is such a tiny amount of it that it doesn’t look too outrageous and when the sun shines it adds a beautiful golden glow to the room. This was my view from my bed earlier this week:


This mini-makeover only cost a couple of pounds but has really revamped the room – I would recommend it if you are a fan of white walls but want to add a pop of daring colour.

Sunday Catch-up #13

You will find me with a big smile on my face for the next few weeks as it is half term! Whilst I love my job, I love the holidays just as much with the chance to switch off and unwind. Not that I will be doing too much relaxation – work is already underway to redecorate our guest bedroom, I have had a good catch-up and lunch date with work friends, my parents have come to stay and I have a trip to London, a wedding and more coffee dates with friends to fit in before school starts again.

This week I have been…

Making: some really tasty salads

Going: for lunch dates with friends

Wearing: old clothes as I end up covered in paint after approximately 20 minutes of decorating

Eating: this amazing crumble cooked by my brother’s girlfriend – thanks Tess!


Drinking: coconut water – I’ve got a real taste for it again

Reading: endless interior design websites

Watching: the Cameron/ Milliband interviews

Buying: new rugs, blinds, paint, bedding and accessories for the guest bedroom


Planning: my next wedding outfit

Cooking: this amazing chicken and quinoa salad


Baking: nothing this week…trying to be good!

Writing: shopping lists

Favouriting: Milly’s New York trip – so many little things added to our to-do list!

Working on: putting all the clocks, watches and various kitchen appliances forward an hour

Trying to decide: if I will be tempted by the latest ASOS and Body Shop sales (spoiler – 2 orders placed!)

Wishing: this blister on my painting hand would disappear #DIYproblems


Enjoying: having my Mum and Dad to stay

Needing: to book a cut and colour soon

Feeling: very happy at the thought of not having to get up at 6:30am tomorrow morning

Giggling at: Gogglebox, standard