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Latest Purchases #91 – Handbags

Handbags have never really been my thing – shoes yes, stationary yes and nail varnishes oh yes! However, I decided that for my 30th birthday I would treat myself to a designer handbag to remember my birthday holiday to America and also to have a beautiful item to use on a daily basis.


Not content with one handbag, I actually ended up buying two bags, one statement and one classic, but I have quite different uses for them.

First of all, I bought this bright blue leather bag from Nine West. I love this colour and think it will work all year round. It has a lovely slouchy style and a folded over front which I think adds a cool twist. The inner lining is also really pretty. I have been using this as my everyday handbag and find it is quite roomy.

IMG_4012 IMG_4013 IMG_4014 IMG_4015

Secondly, I wanted a ‘timeless classic’ that I could use for years to come and I decided that a black handbag would always be in style. I had a serious shopping dilemma between a Michael Kors and a DKNY bag but the latter won and I have worn this beauty a couple of times now.

IMG_4009 IMG_4010 IMG_4011

I tend to save it for nights out or the weekend just to keep it feeling special. I think the black snakeskin leather with the gold hardware is just stunning and I love the fact is a very simple, classic shape that won’t go out of style.

Latest Purchases #71 – Olivia Burton Watch

After keeping this watch looking pretty in its box since Christmas, I thought it was finally time to pull off the protective film (so satisfying!) and take this beauty out for a ride.


Olivia Burton is a trendy British brand that looks back to vintage designs for their watches and I am a fan of their simple, classic designs.


This brand has become famed for their oversized faces and beautiful leather straps but I opted for a watch from the ‘Modern Vintage’ range which have a slightly smaller face. This is going to sound like somewhat of a humble brag but I have tiny wrists (seemingly the one skinny part of my body!) and huge watch faces just don’t look or sit right on my arms.


Rose gold is obviously still having a moment, and I do love it, but when I was browsing this range I fell for this classic tan and gold design. It has a lovely thick leather strap and a chunky gold face with a pretty geometric pattern.


Having been used to wearing a digital watch (gotta love an old school Casio), my only tiny niggle is that there aren’t any numbers on the face but the design looks so lovely that I know numbers would ruin the aesthetic.

I love this watch and must stop myself looking online at more designs!

Latest Purchases #26 Matalan Shoe Event

So, I was just turning my laptop off last night after writing a post and an update from one of my favourite bloggers caught my eye. Matalan had just announced they were having a £5 shoe sale and seeing as it is on my drive home from work, I thought that it couldn’t hurt to pop in and have a quick look around!

I have mentioned before how comfortable I find their ballet pumps and for less than a tenner I usually pick up a couple of pairs throughout the year, mainly to wear for work. Today, I managed to limit myself to 3 pairs of ballet pumps but of course picked up a few more bits too!

First of all the shoes…


Black Suede Loafers:

shoe14 shoe15

Tan Leather Loafers:

shoe16 shoe17

And my favourites, these nude peep toe pumps with gold detailing and a lovely big bow on the front.shoe18 shoe19 shoe20

All three pairs were about £15 full price but I got them all for £5 each. The loafers are so comfortable and look great with tights or bare feet.

I also picked up a few pieces of jewellery. My bargain of the day was this gold ‘lips’ ring reduced to just 50p! I know it’s a kind of love/ hate piece but I think it looks rather rock ‘n’ roll!

shoe1 shoe2

Next, is this double chain with two little sovereigns hanging down. It is a mixture of gold and silver which I wasn’t too sure of but layered over a maxi dress in the summer I think it is perfect for a boho hippy look.


This three-layered gold chain is decorated in delicate little gold crosses and is a cool take on the goth trend that has been everywhere recently.


shoe6 shoe7

Finally, my favourite purchase of the day and my new favourite necklace…



This is a real statement piece and I just love the mink grey ribbon that forms the chain. Although it is quite a dramatic piece of jewellery, the gems on it are neutral enough to go with most colours so I hope to get some good wear out of it!


So that rounds up my little mid-week treat…you can never have too many shoes nor too much jewellery!

Latest Purchases #9 and My First Ever Blog Giveaway!

Today’s post is an accessories one, which is something I love! A statement necklace or pair of earrings can change a mediocre outfit into something special so I love my jewellery collection, although Ian thinks it is slowly taking over our bedroom!

The earrings I am featuring today were an absolute steal…you may have guessed by now that I LOVE a bargain! I get my weekly Grazia magazine delivered and do follow the trends to an extent. I like to keep up-to-date on what colours and styles are in vogue but I also know what suits my shape (hourglass) and what style I like (vintage-inspired). So when I find something I like I usually get it, whether it is something quite pricey that I have to save for or something on the sale rail – although deep down I kind of prefer getting a real bargain!

Anyway, I digress…

When I bought my purple boots from Matalan a few weeks ago, I also had a quick look through the jewellery and saw these bargains that I just couldn’t leave on the shelf.

Both pairs were reduced to just 50p each.

The first pair are lovely, sparkly, pale green globes with an embossed pattern on them although I’m not sure if my camera has picked up on the slight sparkle they have.

These are very simple studs that I can see myself wearing on a daily basis.

The second pair look much more expensive than their 50p price tag.

The triangular shape makes them look a bit different to a normal stud and they hang just below the ear. The slightly darker gold gives them quite a vintage look too.

This second pair are my favourites so I decided to get a second pair and do my first ever blog giveaway as a thank you to all my lovely readers and subscribers.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment telling me your Winter fashion must-have, whether it is an item of clothing, jewellery, a beauty product or some make-up. I will choose a winner by using an online random number generatorand then pop the earrings in the post to you.

The giveaway is open until Sunday 2nd December and I will contact you to let you know you have won and to get your address…Good Luck! x

Latest Purchases #5 – Card Deck Rings

Just a short accessories-related post today, although as you are quickly learning I do love my jewellery!

I received a very special ring from Ian last year, which I wear daily(!), but I do have an ever growing collection of more fashion-led rings and often the bigger or more colourful the better!

I bought these antique-gold rings from Republic a little while ago during a shopping trip with my best friend Lu. She managed to find some cool tops and therefore these rings were a bit of an impulse purchase so I didn’t go home empty handed!

There is one of each symbol from a deck of cards which can be worn all together for a night out or simply a few at a time for an easier to wear look. I quite often wear one or two of these to work.

All four rings have an adjustable back so you can wear them on any finger by loosening or tightening them slightly.

I think they look very cool and have a punk-inspired edge without being too try-hard.