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Sunday Catch-up #32

This week I have been…

Making: pie!


Going: to watch Bristol City play with my bestie

IMG_3307 IMG_3308

Wearing: my new winter boots…in August!


Eating: one of my Spanish omelettes


Drinking: this Earl Grey Tea Latte


Reading: To Kill a Mockingbird

Watching: Jurassic World (for the second time!)

Buying: lots of fruit and veg


Planning: on making the most of my last week off

Cooking: a new Coca Cola chicken recipe


Baking: white chocolate and chai tea bread

IMG_3260 IMG_3263

Writing: my holiday posts and reminiscing

Favouriting: the Dismaland website, then we decided to just try our luck queuing up and we had the best day here!

IMG_3368 IMG_3370 IMG_3371 IMG_3373

Working on: the three essays I need to do

Trying to decide: who my favourite is on GBBO…Tamal maybe?

Wishing: for a few more weeks of light nights and pink sunsets


Enjoying: our new lawn


Needing: to remember the words on my new mug (thanks Lu!)


Feeling: strangely happy at the thought of going back to work

Giggling at: my lovely colleagues (we had a grown-up sleepover and a lot of sangria!)

Football, Food Markets and Vintage Finds

The above title pretty much sums up my weekend!

After a fun Friday night spent with my brother’s girlfriend and one too many JD and cokes, I was up and out early on Saturday to meet my best friend Lu and her family for a spot of shopping, lunch and then to watch Bristol City play. We won 2-0 and the sun shone too – perfect.


Today, Ian and I headed to Frome Independent Market. I have written about this market before and we try to go each month for a wander and to pick up some treats.

I headed straight to one of my favourite stalls, Dark Matters, to pick up a few of their incredible brownies. I chose their peanut butter and chocolate one, a mint choc chip brownie and a rose, hazelnut and pistachio variety…worth spoiling the diet for!

As well as brownies, I also picked up some cheeses, some heirloom tomatoes to recreate my orzo pasta recipe and Ian found a lovely Scrumpy cider stall where we bought a few litres.


As always, we had a spot of lunch there. I opted for a dirty beef brisket baguette which was topped with pickles, BBQ sauce and a pot of the cooking liquid. Whilst eating, we watched some great local bands – my favourite was a punk band called Killing Felix who were ace.

frome7 frome8 frome9 frome10

Finally, we had a wander around the huge selection of vintage stalls and picked up a few things for our house. We have wanted a new coffee table for a little while but couldn’t quite decide on one we both liked but when I saw this vintage trunk, I thought it would be perfect.

It has been painted in a chalky grey colour and I like the fact it isn’t a traditional four-legged table to add a bit of interest. We may move this to another room in the future but for now we are going to trial it as our new coffee table.


The next one is a bit of a strange purchase but one I have been on the lookout for in vintage shops for absolutely ages! On an interiors website about a year ago, I saw an old wooden ladder used as a scarf and belt holder leant against a bedroom wall. It looked amazing and is a great way to actually see the scarves you have whilst adding a pop of colour to a room. I will post a few pictures when I get this set up in our new bedroom.


The rest of the day will be fairly chilled out for us but we will definitely be having a cheeseboard tonight to try our new buys! x


Recipe – Plum, Almond and Chocolate Crumble Traybake

Last night, I risked ridicule to try out a football match in 3D, and apart from the rather naff glasses we had to wear, I was rather impressed and would recommend giving it a go if a pub near you offers it.

I am loving the new series of The Great British Bake Off and every time I watch it, it makes me want to bake and try something new. This recipe is akin to a plum Bakewell tart and is almost two cakes in one; part sponge and part crumble. It is a bit fussy to make, as you have to take the dish out of the oven on two separate occasions to add more ingredients but I think the end result is worth it!


250g of cold butter or margarine

300g of ground almonds

225g of caster sugar

140g of plain flour, and then an additional 25g

2 eggs

1 teaspoon of cinnamon (optional)

1 teaspoon of baking powder

A handful of milk chocolate chips

5 or 6 plums, stoned and cut into quarters or sixths

A sprinkling of brown sugar

50g of flaked almonds

How to make it

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C/ Gas Mark 4 then butter a baking tin. Tip: use a sandwich bag when doing this to keep your hands grease free!
  • Put the butter, ground almonds and flour into a mixing bowl, and rub between your fingertips until the mixture roughly has the consistency of breadcrumbs.
  • Divide the mixture between two bowls, and in one of them add the 140g of plain flour and mix with your hands until a dough is formed.
  • Place the dough into the baking tin and press down evenly, but don’t worry too much about how this looks as it will be topped with batter and the plums
  • Bake for 15 minutes, or until golden, then leave to cool for 10 minutes
  • With the other half of the breadcrumb-like mixture, remove 3-4 tablespoons to be used for the topping and then with the remaining amount add the eggs, cinnamon, baking powder and chocolate chips and mix until combined into a batter.
  • Take the cooled baking tin and spread the batter mix over the top.
  • Now top with the sliced plums and a sprinkling of brown sugar. You can put these in neat and even rows, but I prefer to lay them down a bit more messily as quite frankly life is too short and I like the ‘rustic’ look!
  •  Cook for 20 minutes, then top with the remaining crumble mix and the flaked almonds, then put back in the oven for another 20 minutes.





Enjoy x