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Latest Purchases #92 – A Birchbox Haul

I was looking to up my skincare routine now that the weather is getting colder and the heating is on. I suffer from quite dry skin in the winter so looked to the Birchbox website for a couple of new items to try out. Of course, my search for skincare soon led to other things and before I knew it, a large box had arrived on my doorstep full of goodies, followed by a second order using the free shopping points I had earned from the first one!


First up, the two items I actually needed: moisturising cream.

I bought this jar of Aquaporin Plus by Bluemandarínes, a 24-hour hydrating cream. I always think a glass jar adds a little bit of luxury and this cream is rich yet sinks into the skin quickly and has a beautiful, delicate floral scent. I think this would work as a day or night cream.

IMG_4142 IMG_4143

I also picked up a jar of Melting Moisturising Cream by Akane. Upon further reading, this brand uses the Akane red apple tree from Japan which has antioxidant properties and is perfect for normal to dehydrated skin. Whilst also quite a thick, rich cream, this has an almost matte finish which I think makes it perfect for use in the morning before makeup.

IMG_4145 IMG_4144

On the few occasions that I wear my hair straight, I have been struggling with some fine, wispy pieces of hair that seem to want to curl up again so I was after some light hairspray that would hold these flyaway hairs down without a heavy, sticky feeling. Montibel·lo is a good haircare brand and I bought their Flexible Hold Finishing Spray. It sounds like exactly what I’m looking for and this huge bottle should last me a while!


I really like the brand Weleda and their all-natural approach but I had a few hit and miss products from them this time. The one I loved was the Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash which smells amazing and is just a really lovely shower gel.


I also picked up the Oat Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner which I’m just not a fan of. The shampoo was fine and I will use that up but the conditioner was so thick and heavy and it left my hair really matted and unmanageable.


Finally, I earned enough points to splurge on a luxury product I just love. At £28 for a little 30ml bottle it isn’t cheap but the Make Up Base by RMK is amazing. This milky formula sinks into the skin so quickly and leaves you with a soft, flawless base. I use this base with glowy and matte foundations and it really helps them last. I first tried this as a sample through Birchbox and it was only when it ran out that I realised how much I love it and it has actually replaced my silicone-based primers like Benefit POREfesstional as it feels much kinder to my skin.

IMG_4147 IMG_4148

Overall, a pretty successful haul and I’m hoping my skin thanks me for it! x

Beauty Review – Reverse Hair Washing

I have seen this term popping up a few times on beauty blogs over the past few weeks. If you aren’t familiar with it, there is a school of thought that believes that switching round your shampoo and conditioner and using them the other way round will lead to better, cleaner hair and add volume.

I was sceptical but thought I would give it a go with some new products I am trialling.

I got the Tommyguns Fig, Plum and Marshmallow Conditioner in a recent Birchbox and after weeks of searching, finally tracked down the matching Fig and Plum Shampoo – I have a weird thing about using the same brand of shampoo and conditioner!


The theory behind this routine is that you leave too much conditioner in your hair which leaves it flat and lacklustre so switching your hair washing products around means that you get the hit of the conditioner to make your hair silky yet the shampoo will ensure all of the excess residue is washed out.

As someone who uses a leave-in conditioner in my hair, I probably wasn’t the best candidate for this trial but I tried it out on a quiet weekend (just in case the results were disastrous!)

I applied the conditioner first and left it for a few minutes. As I don’t use a hairbrush at all, I usually run my fingers through my hair when the conditioner is on to remove any knots but this was impossible! My hair was really tangled and full of knots which doesn’t ever happen.

When I wash my conditioner out, my hair normally feels lovely and silky but this time it had a weird greasy feeling to it like there was too much oil or product in my hair, despite swilling it out really well.

I moved on to the shampoo, hoping it would get rid of that greasy feeling and after lathering it up and swilling it out my hair felt awful! It was still full of knots and didn’t even feel particularly clean, which I think is the feeling this process is meant to leave you with.

Suffice to say, I think this is simply another fad that will soon go away. It left my hair feeling awful and to be honest I just didn’t get it! Like they say…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I am writing this post at my new desk in my newly finished conservatory/ office/ blogging room – just a few finishing touches to make then I will bring you some lovely before and after photos of my new favourite room! x

Beauty Review – January Birchbox

There was a cake sale in school today so I spent a lovely evening baking and have some delicious recipes to post soon. Firstly, I wanted to share this month’s Birchbox with you (before the month is over!)

As expected, this month’s theme is all about the new year and a new start to your beauty routine. They seem to have done away with their little drawstring bags, instead wrapping the goodies with tissue paper.

Here was my first look…


The first thing I noticed was this big bottle of Tommyguns Fig, Plum and Marshmallow conditioner – no mini samples here! This stuff smells amazing and I cannot wait to try it out. I will probably buy the shampoo too so I can test the range out together.


Next, a Benefit product – one of my favourite brands. The POREfessional is somewhat of a cult product and is a primer that can be used over or under make up. It feels very lightweight to apply and transforms into a beautiful velvet finish, with great coverage, when blended. I can see myself buying the full-sized version of this!

bb1 bb2

I can always find a place for a new shower gel and this one by Noble Isle in ‘Willow Song’ smells wonderful. It claims to evoke the fresh green of the British countryside and whilst it is lovely, I can’t see myself buying the full-sized bottles at £20 a pop.


Next, a cleanser by Vasanti. I love using foaming facial cleansers at the end of the day, so this one is next on my list to try out.


The final beauty piece is a moisturising body oil by Premae. I haven’t heard of this brand but I’m not a huge fan of body oils – I much prefer a body butter or cream. This is probably my least favourite item in this month’s box.


Finally, I love the fact that Birchbox includes a little extra non-beauty related item in most of its boxes and this month it was some miso soup. Light, healthy and tasty, I’m sure I can find a recipe to use this in.


Overall, I really liked this month’s box. I think it has a really good variety of products with a few treats to test out.

I’m off out now for some dinner (trying to choose between sushi and burgers!) then seeing Russell Kane tomorrow night…it’s almost Friday! x