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Latest Purchases #38 – Leather Casio Watch

Hello! It’s been a miserable, grey day today and I have spent my afternoon on a Maths course so Ian and I are heading out for dinner tonight to brighten up the day. We will however be rushing home to watch ‘Educating Yorkshire’ which I think is rather brilliant and I love discussing it at school the next day!

Today’s post is not strictly speaking a ‘purchase’ but a lovely present that Ian surprised me with last weekend. He is a fan of the old-school, retro Casio watches and has them in various colours. I spotted the ladies version in gold in Urban Outfitters a while ago but my skin reacts to anything that isn’t gold or silver (what can I say…expensive taste!) so I have been admiring it from afar.

However, whilst browsing on ASOS the other day, I noticed this little beauty and sent Ian the link. I thought £40 was a bit much, especially as they are usually around the £20 mark, but I suppose it is something you wear every day and is obviously extremely useful too!


I love how the thin leather strap makes it quite girly and delicate yet the recognisable watch-face gives it that cool, vintage vibe.


I tend to wear a lot of gold jewellery so this accessory has fitted in nicely to my wrist wear and I suppose I need to treat my husband to dinner tonight to say thank you for it! X