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Beauty Review – September Birchbox

This month’s Birchbox arrived a few days ago with a ‘Happy Days’ theme. We’re not talking about The Fonz here but rather ways to keep yourself feeling good and for me September is one of those months where I could do with a little treat as us teachers start a new school year and feel the stress levels start to rise after a summer off!


Here was my first peek in the box:


First up these tasty Pineapple pieces from Urban Fruit. My work lunches have been nigh on virtuous lately so these fruity bites should help me keep up the good work.


I had been emailed a few weeks earlier by Birchbox asking me to make my Model Co choice for the box and I chose this lovely lip lacquer in Morocco. This 90s nude shade is huge at the moment thanks to Kylie Jenner et al so I decided to try it. I remember everyone going mad for Rimmel’s Coffee Shimmer and Heather Shimmer lipsticks when I was at school and this reminds me of that but without the naff frosted finish. This lip gloss is a bit sticky but I do like the colour.


Next, a perfectly-timed item as my current hair oil has just run out! I love using hair oils a couple of times a week to keep my tips from getting too dry and this offering from Agave looks like it will do the trick.


I was really happy to get a little pot of Benefit’s It’s Potent eye cream. I love the make-up from this brand but haven’t tried much of their skincare. I have heard positive things about this eye cream so it will be the next one I trial after my current Vichy one is finished.

box4 box5

I moaned a few months ago about not getting a Beauty Blender egg in my Birchbox when a friend of mine did and it’s like they read my mind and sent me one complete with a handy solid soap to clean it with. I did buy a cheap Primark dupe of this foundation applicator recently but haven’t tested it out yet so I think I will give the original a go this week.

box9 box8

Next, a little bottle of Korres’ Citrus Body Milk. This smells amazing and I like the shower and body products from Korres. I am going away a couple of times next month so this travel-sized moisturiser will come in handy.


Finally, a little photo clip which can be used to display your favourite Polaroid or postcard. I decided to try it out with my birthday card from my brother!

box11 box12

Overall, I’m pleased with this month’s offerings. There were a few items that I had run out of which saves me a trip to the shop plus some things I had wanted to try anyway! I think Birchbox met their brief on this box as it definitely made me feel happy!

Latest Purchases #57 – Back to School Buys (An ASOS and Primark Haul)

Today’s haul is a nice mixture of fashion and beauty buys. I have called it my ‘Back to School Buys’ but really it was more a case of me getting myself organised before work kicks in again and I find myself with much less free time than I have been used to this holiday!

First up, my ASOS goodies. My ‘uniform’ so to speak for work tends to be a dress with tights, boots and a cardigan in the winter and leggings and sandals in the summer. Therefore, when I buy a dress, I usually try to make sure it will look good the year round with either of these combinations.

I LOVE this floral skater dress from Oasis. I like that it has three-quarter length sleeves and the darker colours with a pop of neon mean I can wear it to work or dress it up with heels for a night out.


I also bought this floral and striped dress with a Peter Pan collar from River Island. I think it is the perfect colour for Autumn although unfortunately the sizing is huge so I am returning this for a smaller size…never a bad thing!

asos28 asos29

Obviously now is a great time to pick up summery items for next year as the shops begin to promote their Autumn/ Winter range and this little black strapless sundress will be great for holidays worn over a bikini. At £7 it was a bargain too!


As well as the dresses, I also picked up a few beauty items.


Top of my list was a bottle of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap, another product that beauty bloggers seem to rave about! These 18-in-1 formulas claim to wash everything from your hair to your sink but I wanted it as a make-up brush cleaner and when I saw there was a rose version I had to have it.


I also decided to try a shade from the Rimmel Apocalips in Aurora. There was so much hype when these were released that I wasn’t sure it would live up to it. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Aurora is a reddish-coral shade which I wore out to dinner earlier this week. The colour pay-off is great and it applies with a great glossy finish before it dries to a creamy matte. I found it lasted well too so would be great for those times when you don’t want to be constantly reapplying your lippy. I think I will be picking up a few more shades in this range!

asos14 asos19

I spotted two Barry M nail varnished in the sale too. Surprisingly, I don’t really have that many glitters or nail toppers and these two looked like they were packed full of glitter.


I bought Yellow Topaz Glitter from their Jewel range, a formula packed with gold hexes and tiny holographic pieces. I also got Pink Sapphire Glitter, with pinky-purple hexes and silver bars.


After a dentist appointment earlier in the week, I decided to pop in to Primark for a few bits to cheer myself up. I went at about 9am and it was lovely and quiet – much nicer than the usual crowds!

My main aim was to buy a few more sporty/ work-out items for Pilates and PE lessons. I tend to associate work-out gear with comfort and can sometimes end up wearing slouchy jogging bottoms and loose-fitting t-shirts which can look a little scruffy. While comfort and practicality are still my top considerations, I thought I could do with smartening up my sporting attire!

First up are these jogging bottoms. Slightly fitted so not too baggy, these have a cool leopard print design but aren’t too loud either – exactly what I had in mind!

asos10 asos20

To pair with these, I bought a loose-fitting t-shirt. I will probably wear this with jeans too as I love the details such as the folded sleeves, slightly sheer material and distressed effect on the fabric.

asos21 asos22 asos23

I also picked up a gorgeous white, glittery jumper to wear before it’s time to pull on the thick woolly tops. This looks great over jeans and will be ideal to layer up as it gets colder.

asos7 asos8

Finally, a pair of cute slippers to replace my flip flops around the house.


I was surprised at how much the Primark beauty stands have grown in recent years. They now have a whole make-up line as well as stocking various bath and beauty products from other brands. I also love looking at their false nail designs although I’m not really a fan of wearing them so it’s purely for some nail art inspiration!

I picked up a few things from this section:


Some cute nail files with a floral and owl print


Hair ties


And Primark’s version of the Beauty Blender. I usually apply or blend my foundation with a brush but I have heard so many bloggers rave about these egg-shaped applicators that I thought I would give it a trial.


Finally, I picked up some jewellery. I love the look of layering up several more delicate bracelets and these black and gold ones will look great together. There are some really pretty pieces in this set and for £2 you just can’t go wrong!


Looking back on this post, I ended up buying more than I thought…isn’t that always the way?!

The sun is shining today so I am going to pull on my running shoes and head out before undoing my hard work with some cupcakes I plan on baking later on! x