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Sunday Summary #44 and #45


I’m back after a packed week in Boston! We had such a good time there and I am already writing up some blog posts from the trip and reliving the food and fun times. A big thank you to my parents who popped up while we were away and finished laying the tiles in our porch, put fresh sheets on the bed, left flowers and a huge vat of homemade soup for us…just what you want after a night of no sleep! It is back to reality today though as I am back to work tomorrow (no idea how I am going to get up in the morning #jetlag) and need to unpack but first, my Sunday Summary from the past two weeks.

Finally, the new series of Black Mirror is here! Ian and I love this show and it is such a cutting, dark look at society today. So far, we have seen the first three episodes and cannot wait to watch more.

I just can’t sleep on an aeroplane so I tend to binge-watch films. On this trip I managed to watch six: Finding Dory, The Shallows, The Boss, Money Monster, The Jungle Book and the new Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. I mostly picked easy-to-watch/ children’s films but Money Monster was really good (and has George Clooney in!)

Sadly I missed the final of GBBO but have now caught up and had a little cry when Candice won. I’m also still enjoying The Apprentice too.


I have most definitely indulged this week! America just goes so over the top for Autumn and put pumpkin and spices in everything…beer, doughnuts, cheesecake, pancakes.

Ian bought me a bottle of the new Pumpkin-spiced Baileys which I have enjoyed on ice, in coffee and as a milkshake. If you like the Starbucks drink, you will love this.


You can’t go to Boston and not indulge in seafood. We had great clam chowder and lobster when we were away which we just don’t really do in the UK.

We visited a couple of breweries in America and enjoyed some lovely craft beers. My favourites were a pumpkin-spiced beer from the Octoberfest beer festival we visited and a blueberry wheat beer from Salem Beer Works which came with a handful of fresh blueberries floating in it.

Finally, I tried my first ever cronut and it was goooooooood!



While we had lovely, sunny weather in Boston, there was a definite chill in the air so I lived in my ASOS parker, my tartan scarf (River Island) and my Wolf Academy beanie hat.

I have been looking at leather backpacks for ages and finally bought one when we were away. I like that it is practical yet still smart and I think it will be great for future city breaks.



I did my first autumnal manicure using this lovely deep, berry shade from Nails Inc which actually lasted the whole week with only one chip.


I suffer with dry skin after a flight so I decided to try and combat that by slathering my skin in Weleda’s Skin Food which I love. I am adamant it smells just like gin and tonic but it really works and gives your skin a real moisture boost.


I also gave myself a mini facial when I got home yesterday using REN’s Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask which I find revitalises dull, tired skin.


Finally, one of my highlights of our trip was a visit to Sephora. I actually went twice as got so overwhelmed the first time I left with nothing! I did get a bit spendy but I had budgeted for a few treats and will share them soon! Sidenote – I know we are meant to be getting Sephora in the UK soon and I kind of have mixed feelings about it. Yes, it will be great to have all the brands here but it will take away that excitement you get at visiting a store when on holiday.



Sunday Summary #7


Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day! Ian is working today but we did treat ourselves to an M&S meal deal to enjoy later on…that’s about as romantic as it gets around here!


I am now on half term (yay!) and am a woman on a mission…we still have boxes that we never unpacked when we moved almost 4 years ago – shameful I know – so this week I am determined to either throw away, send to a charity shop or find a proper place for all manner of items.

This week we started watching the new X-Files and it was pretty good. I used to love the old series, although I was also really scared after certain episodes, so I’m hoping this new version is as good.

I am still enjoying Vince and Joy but am also looking for some titles to buy on my Kindle for our holiday next month. I can read a book a day when lying on a beach so am making a to-read list to buy before we go.


I have been listening to Me First and The Gimme Gimmes a lot this week. They are formed from various punk band members and do the most amazing punk covers…my current favourite is their version of ‘Mandy’ by Barry Manilow.

The Serial podcasts have also been good this week as they update the Adnan Syed case from his latest hearing.

Finally, a little craft project for this week…Ian constructed this wooden stag’s head which I am hoping to spray copper – watch this space!


One of my favourite days of the year this week: Pancake Day! I opted for various sweet toppings but I think my favourite was good old Golden Syrup.

After Pancake Day, I decided to have a go at giving up chocolate. I really haven’t missed it this week but we shall see whether I last the 40 days.

I did make a lovely beef stir-fry this week and a deliciously comforting cottage pie which is so big, I can see it lasting us for days!


I also devoured this popcorn – not as good as Joe and Seph’s but tasty nonetheless.



I went for a bum, tum and thigh detox this week which was one of the most forceful massages I have ever had! Luckily, I booked a facial for straight afterwards too so I did leave feeling quite relaxed. Even though the actual massage wasn’t the most calming thing, the skin on my thighs definitely feels smoother and softer and since I am running a lot, I found it great for sorting out my aching muscles.

I had another dentist appointment this week about getting braces on my bottom teeth. All that’s left is some x-rays tomorrow then I have to make my mind up whether to go for them or not.

I tried another Clinique nail varnish this week – a muted nude-grey shade – and it lasted for almost a whole week.


This Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash from Weleda smells amazing and is a lovely, rich, creamy formula. I’m not that fussy about shower gels but this is a good’un.



Since we started going to the gym several times a week, I realised just how much extra laundry this creates. The solution? Buy lots of cool and colourful sportswear! I got these jazzy Puma running trousers this week and they are a really good fit and decent quality.