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Latest Purchases #105 – A Forever 21 Haul

I have a real backlog of posts to write up and this little haul is from when we went to Boston in October/ November time! However, I don’t want the photos to go to waste so have decided to slot in the odd older post alongside my newer content.

As I mentioned before, the dollar was so weak when we went to the States we didn’t do an awful lot of shopping, but I saw a few pieces I thought were cool and a little bit different.

First up, is a huge, cosy tartan blanket scarf. I wear a similar yet thinner version of this all the time but this is a bit chunkier and doubles up as a blanket when needed.


I also got this leather backpack which I love! I had been after one for ages but couldn’t quite decide if they would suit me or not. However, it is handier than a large handbag and not as cumbersome. I also really like the velvet tassel and gold hardware.

I also picked up a few pieces of jewellery. This trio of rings are really pretty and I think look more expensive than they were.

This duo are a different style and include one normal ring and one midi ring.

This set of studs are great for everyday wear and I think they are really pretty. Although I have my ears pierced several times, most of the time I just wear a set of single studs.


I bought two necklaces too. The first was a rose gold pendant with an intricate pattern.


The second one was a gold double-chained necklace with triangles on the ends. I really like jewellery in a geometric design.


So, a nice little accessories haul which I always think is a great way to update an outfit! x