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Five Friday Favourites #13

New Brogues


I treated myself to a new pair of brogues for work. These are the ASOS Mai suede brogues are a little more pointed than my last pair. I love the preppy look they give and they are really comfortable too which is a must when you are on your feet all day.

Nut Butter


The humble peanut now has some competition in the nut butter stakes – I love almond and cashew butter on my morning oats and this one from Pip and Nut is delicious!

A Cream Blusher


Not something I usually use but this cream blusher from Rimmel in the shade Radiant Rose gives a lovely, natural wash of rosy colour and blends in really well. Sometimes a powder blusher can feel like it is just sitting on top of your make-up whereas this product really feels like part of your base.

Vans Sunglasses

Now I am usually loyal to my Ray Ban collection (Clubmasters and Wayfarers being my favourite styles) but this pink pair from Vans have been my first choice recently. A gift from my bestie Lu, these are a really fun pop of colour and have a cool, retro shape too.

Midweek Wagamamas


In the run-up to our all-inclusive holiday in a few weeks, we tried to be really good this week making healthy meals, going to the gym and limiting our treats at night. I don’t really ‘diet’ but I know we will be eating and drinking a lot when we’re away so I wanted to offset that a little bit! However, on Thursday night I was devoid of inspiration for something healthy and tasty so we popped to Wagamamas for some delicious new beef buns and a steaming bowl of noodles.

Latest Purchases #101 – US Drugstore Haul

The pound-dollar exchange rate was pretty poor when we were in Boston (thanks Brexit!) so we didn’t do a whole lot of shopping. I tried to only buy things that we couldn’t get in the UK and one afternoon, I had a browse around our local CVS store and came away with this little pile of goodies.


First up, the base products. I am always on the hunt for a new foundation and I got these two from the Maybelline ‘Fit Me’ range. I went for the Dewy and Smooth and the Matte and Poreless foundations which cater for dry to oily skin. I have tried both and like them but I don’t like the fact that you have to pour the product out – I would much prefer a pump.


I also bought this BB Cream from ELF. I liked the fact this had SPF 20 in it and will be great for those days where you just want to wear a light base. This also has a pump in the lid!


Another ELF face product was this Illuminating Face Primer. This is very golden and definitely needs a light touch! You could actually use this as a highlighter on the cheekbones or, as it recommends, mix a little into your foundation for a bit of extra glow.


Onto lip products now and with the colder weather, mine are already suffering! I really like the EOS lip balms and I bought the Blackberry Nectar flavour.

I also picked up a bumper pack of Carmex lip balms in Cherry and Winter Mint flavours which should keep my chapped lips at bay.


I bought a new Maybelline mascara. I have used their Great Lash version for years but haven’t seen the Blackest Black colour before.

I also got an ELF mascara with a regular and waterproof end.


I broke my spending ban on nail varnish with a new bottle from Essie. Metallic nails seem to be having a moment and I love this shade, Good as Gold…expect a post on Monday!


I am a fan of the Milani blushers and picked up another one in the colour Berry Amore. This is a dusky pink shade baked with swirls of gold.


Also from Milani is this Color Statement Lipstick in Teddy Bare. I don’t have a colour like this dark nude and I think it is quite seasonal. I have tried it a few times and it is creamy, well-pigmented and smells like watermelon.

From ELF, I bought a Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose. It isn’t a drying matte formula and I like the long, thin ‘pen’ it comes in.

I think I was having a bit of a moment by the ELF stand as I also got an eyebrow kit. This is a gel and powder duo which I haven’t used before but will enjoy experimenting with!

Finally, I bought a Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eye shadow in Bad to the Bronze. This is quite a warm, taupe bronze as opposed to an orange-toned one and the pigmentation and staying power is excellent. I wear these eye shadows on their own or as a base colour and they don’t crease like many other cream products.


I was really happy unpacking this selection of items and now comes the fun bit of testing them all out!

Sunday Summary #42


It has been one tiring week with 4am bedtimes and 6am wake-up calls on my school’s residential trip. It was great fun but I have spent most of this weekend napping!

Ian got tickets to watch England play at Wembley yesterday so I made the most of it and enjoyed a few hours in Bath shopping, spent some time on my blog, cooked myself a lovely dinner and binge-watched Greys Anatomy. I’m on series 12 now and every single episode makes me cry – it’s such a sobfest!


Today we went for a walk through the woods and the autumn leaves which was lovely.

I started a new course at work this week which is going to be a challenge but hopefully rewarding. It will involve losing a few weekends so I can keep on top of the reading list so I am back to list-making in a bid to manage my time better.

Finally, it seems as though every sunrise lately has been Instagram-worthy so I have been snapping away out of our bedroom window each morning.


Someone at work brought in the new Cherry Bakewell Shredded Wheats and I had to try a bowl. They were delicious and I am now trying to hunt down a box for myself.

I was in M&S buying myself a nice healthy dinner when I saw my favourite dessert and just couldn’t resist it. This Key Lime Pie is delicious and worth the calories!



I had a new set of brackets put on my back teeth today which means I am getting to the end of this brace but also that my mouth is really aching. I opted for bright pink bands this time and am planning on writing a post about it all when they eventually come off.

I am having a real moment with this Laura Mercier palette. It was an impulse purchase from Space NK but the shades are just perfect for this time of year. The blusher in the middle is a lovely colour and I love the mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows. I wear the lighter shades in the day and use the darker shades for a smokier eye.



Not strictly something to wear, but kind of fashion-related. I was in need of a new suitcase to take to Boston in a couple of weeks. We are planning on a spot of shopping when we are there and I want to buy some Christmas presents too so this should come in handy.


Sadly this week has not been my most stylish as I have been mainly outside in the woods wearing my trusty Hunters and beanie hat.

Finally, I stocked up on another Autumn/ Winter staple today – Primark’s thick black tights.


Sunday Summary #30


I only have one week to go until the summer break and I am pretty much in holiday mode now! We’ve had a few nice sunny days too which feel long overdue.

This weekend, we went on a lovely country walk near our village and apart from a dangerous dash through some stinging nettles (!) it was great!

Last night we watched Everest and I loved it. I love a good natural disaster film and this was gripping.

I have been really enjoying this book although I can’t help but feel so sad and angry when I read about how badly women are treated in Afghanistan.


Whilst everyone – including Ian – seems to be losing their mind over the new Pokemon app, I have fallen for the Prisma app. Based on famous paintings, it gives a cool twist to photos.


Finally, my job for today was to clean out my car. Not the most fun task but I filled 2 bin bags full of rubbish and I found £3.44 and a necklace I thought I had lost!


I always think that the more colourful your plate is, the healthier it is so I roasted a huge tray of veg this week.


I also cooked tuna steaks – one of my favourite fish to eat.


After dinner, I have been having a small bowl of this coffee ice cream. It reminds me of Baileys without the alcoholic taste and is a lovely way to end a meal.


We went out for dinner this week. As it was a nice evening, we stopped by the canal for drinks and I ordered a Fruli. I drank this strawberry beer when I was at uni and it really reminded me of my student days. We ate at Smokey’s, an American-style restaurant and, of course, I went for ribs!

Finally, I baked this week…salted caramel and hazelnut brownies.

I may have had a little slice for my breakfast this morning too!



I have three beauty favourites to share this week. Firstly, a bright coral pink lip gloss from NYX in the shade Peach Cobbler.


On my eyes, I have been applying this cream eyeshadow from Calvin Klein in the shade Cashmere Plum. It gives a lovely sweep of shimmery pink and lasts surprisingly well.


Finally, I rediscovered this beautiful marble blusher in the back of my drawer. This is Corallina by Milani and has a pretty golden shimmer running through it.



Loving the bandana trend to hide a bad hair day…


I wore these silk trousers to work the other day and felt to summery…I love this print!


I also made a little La Redoute order in the sale. The other half of it hasn’t arrived yet but here is a sneak peek of some of the footwear I ordered.


Beauty Review – June Birchbox

Good evening. I’m sat on the sofa, munching on an almond Magnum and feeling a bit sorry for myself after giving blood this afternoon. I have an unexplainable and completely ridiculous fear of needles that I am determined to overcome, kind of like those people who go to zoos and hold snakes to get over their phobia. I ended up bursting into tears twice during the whole process and am so annoyed at myself as it doesn’t hurt and it’s for such a good reason that I just shouldn’t get so upset!


To take my mind off things, here is my June Birchbox review…just in the nick of time before we get to July!

First things first, the box itself (which may just be my favourite yet!) It has a little sliding drawer with a gorgeous tropical pineapple print and I will definitely be using this again. However, it is all about the products inside…


First up, a little pot of face scrub from Huygens. I haven’t heard of this brand but I do usually like French skincare and although this is a scrub, it feels very gentle and creamy so shouldn’t be too harsh.


Next, a coconut oil body cream by Whish. I always take these little tubes away with me when I travel and I love anything coconut scented. This summery cream smells amazing…a bit like Malibu!


A hair product next – Percy and Reed’s Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray. I don’t use hairspray so this one is wasted on me.


I received an Absolution item next which is a brand Birchbox seem to include a lot. I’ve never been wowed by one of their products but I will give this chamomile and oat face wash a go.


Finally, my favourite item – a pigment pot from Jelly Pong Pong in the shade Fig Jam. This lip and cheek cream smells amazing and is a bright and vibrant pink colour. I was amazed at the pigmentation this has and it is really easy to build up the colour. It also felt very moisturising on my lips – I haven’t tried it on my cheeks yet.

Overall, not a bad box but two face washes seem a bit too similar – also, I’m not sure why the usual six items weren’t included?! I’m intrigued to see the items included in July’s box as I find the summer Birchbox deliveries are usually really good.

Sunday Summary #9 and #10


I had a jam-packed weekend which then turned into a jam-packed week so I am squishing together two Sunday Summaries to give you a little life update.

For Christmas, we bought my brother and his girlfriend tickets so that the four of us could go and watch Russell Kane live. I’ve seen him a few times before and he was just as good as I remembered.

We spent last weekend catching up with friends, having birthday pancakes and lunch at Wahaca, seeing Liverpool lose in the cup final whilst eating the best pizzas and dancing the night away watching 21 Pilots…all in all, a fab weekend!

This week has been a little bit more low key mainly because Ian has been struck down by a horrible flu-like virus and I have had a mountain of marking to get through.

I have binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy this week and am almost up-to-date. We also watched the documentary ‘Amy’ last night which was incredibly moving.

I’ve started reading The Memory of Love which was a slow starter but is picking up now I’m about a quarter of the way through.



Surprisingly, I’ve managed to keep up with the no-chocolate Lent although I am finding myself fantasising about what I am going to eat first when the ban ends…I’m thinking a big bar of Dairy Milk Whole Nut should hit the spot!

To fill the chocolate gap, I have been loving sweet & salty popcorn, hot cross buns and bakewell tarts this week but also tried something a bit healthy with a packet of ‘boodles’ (butternut squash noodles) which were quite tasty with some pesto mixed through them.


With Ian being ill, I have been going down the comfort food route and made a huge shepherd’s pie (it could seriously last us all week!) and sticky toffee pudding.


I have been treating my hair and scalp to a coconut oil hair mask a couple of times a week and I’m really starting to see the benefits.


This blusher by Stila is becoming a firm favourite. It gives a flush of colour with the slightest hint of shimmer, which you can control depending  on how much you sweep your brush over the shimmery bows.

I love a good facial spritz and this one from This Works is so refreshing. It has a light rose-scent and is perfect to use morning and night.



Slipper Shoes – these two pairs are just cheap ones from Primark, but I love the style of them and they are so comfortable. Obviously, I am still pairing them with thick tights at the moment but I’m looking forward to braving a bare leg soon!