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Latest Purchases #111 – A Primark Haul

What a beaut of a weekend! The sun was out and the clocks changed which means lighter mornings and evenings which are guaranteed to improve my mood.

Last weekend, I popped into Primark to hunt out the silver Gucci-inspired loafers I have seen everywhere and of course, picked up a few more items…

Here are the silver shoes I wanted. I am still wearing them in but think they will be perfect for Spring.

I love Primark’s loungewear and pyjamas. I find they are made of super-soft cotton which hang beautifully and are really loose and comfortable. I picked up a couple of cosy tops to wear in the evenings or as pyjamas.

On the pyjama theme, I bought this silky black pair of pjs which feel quite luxurious on.


This top was probably my favourite purchase of the lot and one that I think encapsulates a lot of this season’s trends in the embroidery and the flared sleeves. I ended up getting this a couple of sizes bigger as I wanted quite a loose, almost floaty fit.

I really liked the colours in this knitted jumper and I think it looks more expensive than it was. Again, I sized up as a I wanted a baggy, over-sized fit and this looks great with jeans.


I am after some green leaf prints for our bedroom and this cacti one is a good start. I may collate a gallery wall of sorts and I like the colours and gold detail on this print.


I am slowly replacing all of my old mismatched hangers with these slim, copper ones so I picked up another 4 packs of these. It’s amazing how much more I can fit in my wardbrobe and they look really nice too.


Whilst in the home section, I picked up a candle and reed diffuser. They definitely don’t have the strongest scent but do offer a subtle fragrance to a room.

Finally, a little at-the-till purchase of these coconut chips. I am trying to snack healthier at the moment and not reach for the biscuits and these coconut chips are really tasty.


Five Friday Favourites #12

Apologies for being a day late with this but I was watching Comic Relief last night. Apart from the Love Actually bit, I was shocked at how bad it was this year – completely unfunny, awful sound quality, a disinterested audience and a general chaotic feeling…was that just me?! Obviously, I donated and still think it’s a great cause but they seemed almost apologetic about sending money to Africa with a lot more focus on UK charities which I think is a sad reflection of how they think much of the county feels at the moment. Anyway, onto my weekly highlights…

New Hair

I had a long-overdue cut and colour at the weekend and it feels great. I got quite a lot cut off which I usually do in Spring although it’s just a little too short to tie up when I’m having a bad hair day.


Ian and I enjoyed a great lunch here. The Bath branch is set up like a Thai street market but the actual food is lovely too – I highly recommend the little fish cakes.

Silver Shoes

I have loved the Gucci-style silver loafers for a while but they are quite a statement piece to pull off. I spotted these in Primark so decided to give them a go. They have creased a little whilst wearing them in but I’m looking forward to wearing them as the weather improves.

The Replacement

I really enjoyed this BBC drama. I thought the actual ending was a little weak but I was captivated throughout and it raised some interesting points of view on maternity leave.

New Bedding

I have a bit of a grey, green and copper theme for our bedroom and this bedding is perfect (it was a bargain too at £12 for the set).

Latest Purchases #110 – A Weekend Haul

With the rise of ‘going live’ on Facebook and Instagram, I think we all are getting a taste for more real life, up-to-date content. So, I thought I would try something a bit different and share a random selection of things I picked up when I popped into Bath yesterday. I was there to get my braces tightened (they are coming off soon!) and I ended up diving into a few different shops in an attempt to avoid the sudden downpour I was caught in.

First of all, I went into Tiger and came away with some goji berries and a pair of thinner gardening gloves. I love having a mooch around this shop and I always end up buying something.

Next, I popped into Primark but I really didn’t see anything I liked. I ended up buying a couple of packs of their thin copper hangers (planning a huge wardrobe sort-out soon), a travel pillow for when we travel to Japan this summer and a new pair of slippers. I love their memory foam slippers – they are the comfiest ones I own.


Finally, New Look had some beautiful items in store (I have my eyes on a dusky pink embroidered shirt) and I bought 4 dresses: a simple burgundy velvet one (which I really struggled to photograph!), a black ruffle-detail long-sleeved dress, a cosy navy knit with cute ruffled sleeves and hem and a mustard-yellow ruffle-detail dress.

I was a bit unsure about the last one as I read somewhere that blondes can’t pull off this shade of yellow but it fits really nicely and I don’t think that you should be confined by others’ ‘rules’ if you really like something.

So, I hope you enjoyed this mixed bag of items – I much prefer reading little snippets like this. We’re off to a pub quiz tonight after a big bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese. Happy Sunday x

Five Friday Favourites #4

A much less busy week for us and we are looking forward to a weekend with our besties. It has been freezing here in the UK so I’ve spent a fair amount of time defrosting the car as well as wrapping myself up in the largest scarf I can find!

Mini Eggs


Yes, it’s only January and we have months until Easter but Mini Eggs are one of my favourite chocolates and I’ve already bought and eaten two bags!

Caitlin Moran

I listened to Caitlin on Desert Island Discs this week and, despite her talking so fast I thought I had accidentally sped up the podcast, she was really interesting. I don’t agree with everything she says but I do think she has a strong voice and her passion for writing, people and music really came across well.

New Bins

I did wonder whether or not to add bins to this week’s list. It’s hardly the most glamorous of items but this is my list so I’ll put them in! I bought some new bins for our bedroom and bathroom this week and I think they’re great, especially the pale leopard print one.

The Women’s March

More precisely, the amazing placards! I wasn’t able to go last weekend but it was inspiring to see so many men and women coming together to march for something they believed passionately in with a sense of humour alongside.

Kueshi Foot Cream


I got this decent-sized sample bottle in a Birchbox last year and have been using it almost daily for a few weeks now. It really has left my feet feeling so much softer and smells nice too. I have saved up a few Birchbox points so think this will be the next thing I order.

Latest Purchases #103 – More Candles!

I am really into candles at the moment. I bought a few from Bath and Body Works on our trip to Boston and I love how cosy the living room looks with just the Christmas tree lights and a flickering candle. The scent it adds is lovely too and I do like to match my candles to the season so here are a few autumnal and festive ones I have been burning recently.

The most Christmassy one is this Peppermint Bark scented candle from TK Maxx. I got this as a present and think it is just beautiful. From the little gingerbread men on the box to the red, frosted glass jar, this is lovely. There is a strong candycane peppermint scent, but it is mixed with a creamy white chocolate note which stops it from being overly sweet. This was a nice alternative to the usual Christmas candles and quite refreshing.

Next, two large two-wick candles from B&M. I saw these popping up on various blogs recently with comparisons being made to Yankee and Bath and Body Works candles. There is no doubting the influence these have taken from the two bigger brands and I have to say they are great value for £2.99 each. They look great and even have the pretty embossed lids too.

Apple Orchard is a warm, cinnamon scent which reminds me of apple pie and the fruity scent does come through when it is burned.

I also picked up Radiant Red Maple which has quite a similar scent. I would say this is less fruity and more spicy, kind of like a chai latte – my all-time favourite drink. This has a strong cinnamon and nutmeg smell with an additional sweet creaminess.

It goes without saying that these aren’t quite as good quality as the Bath and Body Works ones. Only having two wicks means they don’t burn quite as evenly and the scent isn’t quite as powerful either. However, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at these and will definitely repurchase again.

From Dunelm, I bought a small Mulled Wine candle. This deep red candle smells of citrus, spices and berries and reminds me of warm cups of wine being sipped at Christmas markets. Being quite small, this doesn’t have the strongest scent but is a pleasant enough candle to burn.

Finally, not strictly a candle but I have been loving this oil burner. I bought it for Ian (he’s a fellow candle lover!) and it is a beautiful Himalayan pink salt candle. It gives off a lovely, warm glow and the little glass tray on top allows you to burn wax melts or use essential oils. I have been using this Frosted Cranberry fragrance oil from The Body Shop and it is a really nice sweet, berry scent which fills the room.

Sunday Summary #47


We started the week with a Sunday-night gig to watch Tom Odell. Ian is more into him than I am but I have to say he was great live.


The heating is permanently on at the moment as it has gone so chilly. It does provide some beautiful sunrises though…


We were glued to the new series of Planet Earth – those snakes!!!

The results of the US election came in, plunging most of us into a deep despair and making us wonder what is wrong with the world. I took a little break from social media as I just couldn’t stand the constant reminders.

My bedroom furniture has finally started to arrive and Ian put together our bedside tables this weekend. Pale grey, mid-century style with gorgeous little copper legs, I can’t wait for the rest to be delivered!


Ian’s parents came to stay for a few days bringing George, their Jack Russell, with them. We went to the village pub quiz last night which was really fun although difficult!


The cold weather means there is only one thing I want for breakfast at the moment – porridge! I do love the sickly-sweet golden syrup flavour but know I should have something a little healthier.

I suffered a ‘snackcident’ this week – when you only mean to have a small snack but end up eating an entire bag of sweet and salty popcorn!



Nothing ground-breaking to report this week but I do have two essentials..thick black tights and my fur-lined slippers!


I unpacked a few things I bought in CVS in America and have been trying them out this week. Two current favourites include this Maybelline mascara in Blackest Black and this new bottle of metallic gold Essie nail varnish.

Sunday Summary #34


I spent the whole of yesterday thinking it was Saturday, hence why my Sunday blog post is a day late!

We have been camping this week. We went with both sets of parents (and George the Jack Russell) to a lovely little campsite near Tewksbury and had a lovely time. I love sitting outside and chatting over wine and cups of tea as the sun sets. We visited Ledbury for a wander and my Mum and I enjoyed a cream tea in the sunshine.

However, there is nothing like getting home after spending a few nights in a tent. I ordered new bedroom furniture this week and our bed arrives in a few days…I’m very excited about it!

We have really been enjoying the Olympics this week, especially Mo winning after tripping over – amazing stuff. I’ve also been continuing to watch Sex and the City (onto series 3 now) and both Aiden and Trey have just arrived on the scene.

I started reading The Death of an Owl whilst camping and so far am quite enjoying it.



I love cooking when camping and my Dad brought a huge pan of his chicken cacciatore for us to enjoy with some fresh crusty bread. The next night, we had rib eye steaks…much tastier than the awful boil-in-the-bag offerings I ate during Duke of Edinburgh camping!


I have become obsessed with scones lately and in my opinion, you should always have jam then cream.

I bought some new pasta bowls this week so had to give them a whirl with a big ol’ portion of pesto pasta.

Finally, we held a BBQ yesterday which was delicious…especially the cold sausage sandwiches we had for supper!


This week, I began using a new shampoo and conditioner set from OGX. I love the coconut smell these have and, although they felt a bit heavy on my hair when using them, they left my curls looking great.


I only use face wipes very occasionally and camping is one of those situations! These Ole Henriksen ones were in a recent Birchbox and I really enjoyed using them. They were really refreshing and did a good job at removing make-up.



My Mum and I spent some time wandering around Ledbury, looking around the boutiques and I treated myself to this new ring. I love the pale blue colour and it has been a while since I wore a statement ring.


Before and After – The Guest Bedroom

This bedroom was actually finished ages ago but a) I never got around to writing a blog post about it and b) it looks even better with our new carpets so here is the makeover of our guest bedroom (with a lot of help from my mum and dad!)


When we moved in, this room had a rather interesting colour scheme. The walls were alternately painted a dark and pale blue which did nothing for the room and I didn’t think the two shades complemented each other either.

We spent the best part of a week painting layer upon layer of white paint onto the walls which really freshened things up and made the room look much bigger and brighter.

I decided on a grey, pink and copper theme so painted one wall (the wall the headboard of the bed would go against) grey and broke this up with some framed prints.

We already had a pine bed, drawers and bedside tables which I think kind of go with the copper-tones of the room.

Accessories were really important to bring everything together. I didn’t want the pink touches to make the room too girly, so we just stuck to some pink and white striped bedding plus a few candles.

The copper came from these gorgeous beside lights and a copper lampshade. My dad also bought us this copper fan.

Finally, some finishing touches in the form of this cool circular mirror hung on a leather strap, some framed artwork (we got the New York pictures last summer when we were there and the Japanese prints were a present), a pink and grey cushion, a pretty blind, a pink chevron rug from Urban Outfitters and possibly my favourite thing in the room which is this lovely pink, grey and white chevron blanket which Ian’s Mum kindly knitted for us.

This room looks onto the back garden and our friends and family always tell us they had a really good night’s sleep in here. Ian and I have thought about having this as our main bedroom too at times, just for the view of the trees you get when lying in bed!