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Restaurant Review – Cod ‘N’ Wok, Minehead

This weekend couldn’t come soon enough. We aren’t doing anything particularly spectacular but after a busier than usual week, it gives us a chance to breathe and reboot before it all starts again on Monday.

Ian turned 30 on Tuesday and did it in style with a new BMW! I’m not sure my curly hair is particularly suited to a convertible but I think some pretty silk scarves may sort that out.

cod8 cod10

I still think of us as being in our early twenties…where did the years go?!

I also walked to the top of the Westbury White Horse with my year group yesterday which made for a good excuse for a long bath followed by chip-shop fish and chips for dinner last night!


Today, I wanted to share a very special little restaurant, located in the town I grew up in. It is special to me as my Dad is one of the chefs there so I will try my best not to be too biased!

Minehead is a seaside town, not quite as picturesque as it could be due to the drones of stag and hen parties that seem to invade the pubs at weekends (we have a Butlins located here!), but Cod ‘N’ Wok play homage to their location with a lovely British seaside town theme. From the nautical fabric and fish nets to the union Jack hand-painted tables, there are little touches like this throughout the restaurant which make it cosy and fresh.

cod12 cod13ale16ale17

Onto the name: Cod ‘N’ Wok. The first part stands for their traditional chip shop menu which includes fresh cod, triple cooked chips and local butchers’ sausages. The Wok part refers to the other half of the menu which is inspired by Malaysian and Thai flavours and it was cool to see the wok light fittings too!


I can attest to how authentic and fresh the ingredients are here. Every morning, my Dad and his colleagues get the pestle and mortar out and grind together fresh ingredients to make the pastes and bases for their oriental sauces…no packets here!


A special mention to the lovely Greg too who cooks a mean Beef Redang and is one of the few people I know who could put up with spending all week in a kitchen with my Dad!

Anyway, onto what we ordered…

I had the duck which was stir-fried in a Hoi Sin sauce and served with courgettes and spring onions. This was the perfect balance of sweet and spicy and the duck was so tender I was reluctant to share this dish!

My Mum had their Indonesian peanut chicken curry which was creamy and delicious with a nice crunch of peanuts too.


Ian opted for Thai red curry with chicken and I was really impressed that you could up the spice factor when ordering so Ian’s came with a few more chillies than I would choose but the flavours were amazing and you could tell this was homemade and not out of a jar!


To go with our meals we had a combination of egg fried rice and triple cooked chips with a few rotis (Indian dipping breads) and crackers for mopping up the last of the sauces.

cod3 cod5

We all loved our food – fresh, vibrant and it was lovely to be able to mix and match the East and West…who knew fusion food would reach little old Minehead! Hehe

This is a relatively new restaurant and I know they will do really well as the word spreads. I am heading back to see my parents again in a few weeks and am already trying to decide which dish I will try next…keep up the good work boys! x



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