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Well we are back feeling relaxed, rested and sporting some lovely tan lines. After stopping off on the way home for the essentials, the first things I did when we walked through the door were to put the kettle on for a brew (tea just doesn’t taste same abroad!) and watch this week’s episode of the Bake Off…priorities!

I have now sorted the more practical things such as laundry, unpacking and picking up another hire car (mine has been in the garage for over a month now!) and Ian has crashed out on the sofa so I thought I would trawl through our holiday photos and share our week away.

Without sounding ridiculously unappreciative, this wasn’t an all-singing, all-dancing activity-packed holiday for us – quite the opposite! We just wanted to relax and enjoy the sun, good books, good food and a bit of Spanish culture. We both have jobs where we find it quite difficult to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day, which as you probably know can be exhausting, so a chilled out week away was exactly what the holiday doctor ordered.

We only booked the holiday three days before we left so I can’t say we had our heart set on Majorca but I love Spain and I have visited the island a couple of times before and always loved the beaches.

As always for me, the holiday begins at the airport with some duty free shopping…

maj1 maj4

But before long we were off and enjoying a Bloody Mary with a view…

maj5 maj6 maj7

We had quite a late flight and didn’t end up getting to our hotel until after midnight but here were my first views of our location from the restaurant…

maj8 maj9 maj10 maj11

Not a bad view to eat your croissants over (or drink your Buck’s Fizz if you are my husband!)

As you can probably see, our hotel was situated upon a cliff surrounding a lovely little cove meaning we were overlooking the sea and had beautiful sunrises and sunsets to admire every morning and evening.


We opted to go all-inclusive and were really impressed by the quality and variety of food available; salads, joints of meat, paella, risottos, seafood, pastries, cheeses…they had it all!

Most days, the weather was glorious so our days were spent reading, cooling off in the pool, jumping into the sea and snorkelling amongst the fish, eating, drinking with the odd siesta thrown in for good measure.

maj42 maj44 maj49 maj67 maj68 maj69 maj72maj102maj103 maj75

Unfortunately, we did have one rather overcast day but rather than hang around at the hotel, I booked us on a boat trip to the nearby capital of Palma. One of the benefits of staying in a hotel right on the sea was the boat picked us up from our hotel jetty! It was a glass-bottomed boat but we only managed about 5 minutes down there before the swaying and movement of the waters made us both feel a bit seasick!

maj17maj65 maj18

Palma has a stunning cathedral and castle so they were our first stops after embarking, then we explored the narrow, winding side streets, stopping off for a chai and cake and of course a trip to El Corte Inglés and Sephora for me!

maj19 maj21 maj23 maj25 maj26 maj27maj123maj125maj132 maj30 maj31 maj33 maj35 maj36

Palma is a stunning city and part of me wishes we had a bit more time to explore it but it was a short but very sweet trip.

On our final night, we had a local flamenco group visit the hotel and perform in a cave overlooking the sea. The location was great and the dancing even better. Ever since I visited a really good flamenco club in Madrid with my friends Lorna and Collette during our year abroad in Spain, I have loved it. I am by no means a dance expert but there is something about the movements, the song lyrics, the clapping and the guitars that are just mesmerising to me. I even forced Ian into having a cheesy picture with the dancers after the show!

maj80 maj85 maj87 maj89 maj90

We had a horribly early flight home this morning but I made sure I found time for just one more sunrise…



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