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Beauty Review – June Birchbox

I was going to try to avoid mentioning football today after last night’s result but then I found myself with this World Cup themed Birchbox to review so quickly realised it was kind of unavoidable!

I was very excited when I saw this arrive on my doorstep and I think the BB team have managed to make a good link with the tournament and beauty products, focusing on ‘Global Strikers’, that is products from brands around the world.


I loved the Brazil-inspired bag and here is my first peek at the contents:

bb1 bb3

First up, Silk + Honey’s Shea Butter Hair Mask. I love a good hair mask once a week and this looks and smells divine. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging as I find I get loads of water in these style tubs when I am using the product in the shower but as soon as I finish my current hair mask I will be giving this a trial.


Next, a body lotion from Naobay, a Spanish brand. This has a fresh lemon scent which is lovely for the summer but it is quite strong so may not be to everyone’s taste.


I have heard amazing things about this cult French brand, Embyolisse, but haven’t yet got my hands on one of their products. This moisturiser is meant to work wonders…it is just a shame the sample size is so small!

bb6 bb7

Next up, the item I was the least impressed with…a Birchbox flip-flop key ring. Now I love my Havaianas but do I need one on a keyring?! Just no.


A lipstick next by Yves Rocher. I was disappointed when I saw the shade I received (Marron Glacé) as it is not one I would ever choose and reminds me of bad 90s lipstick. However, it is a sheer lipstick which doesn’t come out nearly as dark as the tube would suggest. This is infused with cherry oil so smells delicious and feels lovely on the lips but the colour is a real let-down for me.

bb10 bb11

Finally, I was excited to see an OPI product included – one of my favourite nail brands – and when it said it was inspired by tropical Brazil I was imagining a bright neon shade so I feel a bit disappointed with this one. I’m not sure of the shade name as the miniature bottles don’t have them printed, but it is a rather dull purple-grey shimmer. Obviously, being OPI the formula is great but again I’m not too keen on the colour.

bb12 bb13

I feel like I have been raving about Birchbox over the past few months but this month’s box is a bit rubbish really! I saw that other bloggers have received a Beauty Blender and Caudelie Divine Oil in theirs which adds to my annoyance as I would love either of those over my lipstick, nail varnish or keyring!

I do like the fact that Birchbox have tried to make a link to the World Cup but quite frankly, the inclusion of a keyring in a woman’s beauty box is a bit naff and if I wasn’t into football I’d feel even more miffed!

Hopefully this is just a blip for Birchbox…in true teacher form I would say it was an average effort and they need to try harder next time! x


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