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Before and After – Our Conservatory

I love these ‘Before and After’ posts. Not only does it mean I can tick another room off our to-do list but it is just so lovely to see your ideas come together and look even better than you had imagined!

I have to admit I have never been a huge conservatory fan and if our house didn’t already have one when we moved it, it wouldn’t be high on my lists of things to do. However, now that ours is finished and functional it is one of my favourite places to sit and work!

I have trawled through the estate agents photos of when we came to view the house and here is the only one I can find of the conservatory:

Ian and Hannah's house005

As you can see, it leads out to the back garden and given how much furniture has been crammed in by the previous owners, it looks really small and pokey with too much stuff on the walls and wires hanging down from the dark light fittings.

This room wasn’t very high on our to do list when we moved in but when having some work done on our roof, we decided to ask the builder to fill in one of the doorways. We never used this door but because it was there, it looked strange whenever we put something in front of it meaning this whole wall was in effect useless.

con1 con3 IMG_1196

After the plaster had settled, we fitted a new skirting board and started to rub down the plaster.

Then it was time to fill in all the holes left behind by the previous owners, slap on a base coat then two coats of duck egg, my absolute favourite colour for walls! As our conservatory joins on to the dining room without a door, I wanted to continue the colour throughout the whole of the kitchen-diner.

con4 con5

I cannot take all the credit for this room though – my lovely Mum sat and did all the skirting boards for me when she stayed recently and helped wipe off all the paint I managed to get on the white PVC frames and floor as I painted!

con8 con9 con10 con11

Here is the empty, repainted room with the floor sparkling after a steam clean (my new toy!)


And just in case this all sounded too relaxed, here is the absolute chaos in the room next door!


My main purchase for this room was a new rug. I wanted a statement piece that would also tie in the wall colour and I fell in love with this chevron rug from Urban Outfitters. Their home section is great – I bought two more rugs at the same time!

con14 con15

Next, as I would be working in this room a lot, I wanted some storage so bought this sideboard/ storage/ bookcase from IKEA. After a lot of pondering, I got some floral and a red storage box too.


I already had this little table from our flat but it is the perfect size for my new desk. I also bought a new comfy desk chair from IKEA in black and white and a pretty lamp with a lace-like pattern on it.


In the corner, I added a chair and my new bunting cushion to break up the black a bit.


Ian has already put up some artwork for me – these vintage paper hearts sit above my desk…

con27 con25

…and this pretty heart frame sits above the new light fitting.


Finally, on the side board is our Bath Pigs poster and this lovely little duck wearing the same red Hunters I have!


The final piece of furniture is my new drinks trolley. Currently empty, I plan on pottering and filling it this week as I suddenly decided every house needs a decent drinks trolley to make a cocktail in the click of a finger! It may prove a distraction having the drinks trolley next to my desk but on the plus side, expect some cocktail recipes soon!

con33 con34

So there you have it…a huge improvement from the dumping ground it became over the past year and a lovely extension to the dining room where I can work but not feel completely shut away, take photos in good natural light and start experimenting with cocktails!

con29 con30 con31con38con39



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My name is Hannah. I live near Bath in a lovely village in the Cotswolds with my husband Ian, the love of my life for the past 10 years, in our dream cottage. I have landed my dream job as a primary school teacher and I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing. I am a self-confessed foodie and I love to cook, bake, and eat out as much as possible. Here are some things I love: My friends and family, travelling, fresh flowers, good books, having breakfast on my balcony, horror films, Christmas, tea, Las Vegas, lie-ins, red wine, Liverpool FC, music, sausage dogs, Spain, rare steak, fashion, cheese, American TV series and camping. And here are my pet hates: People dressed as animals, whistling, being rushed, being made to wait, girls who act stupid to impress a man, spiders, sunburn and rocket (it comes with EVERYTHING!)

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  1. Looks lovely – just moved in to be flat and looking forward to doing it up too!

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