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Latest Purchases #50 – Another ASOS Haul

Ahhhhhh – I’m on holiday!!!

I woke up today feeling so relaxed knowing that I have some time off work. I didn’t even get that grumpy when my drunken husband rolled into bed at 3am and left the light on!

I am in full on list-making mode today as there are so many things I want to do with these two weeks off as well as slightly more relaxing things like trying out some new recipes and picking up a few new books to enjoy with an afternoon cuppa.


One of the rooms we are currently working on is our bedroom. I haven’t quite decided on the final colour scheme but we have both done a severe clear-out of our wardrobes in preparation for our new furniture arriving next week. I was quite looking forward to having a streamlined wardrobe on hand but I seem to be quickly filling up all that spare room I made with new clothes! Ooops!

I am trying to stick to the ‘one in, one out’ rule but I cannot resist a bargain and I ran in to my classic dilemma of finding the same item of clothing in more than one colour, not being able to pick between the two so ordering both!

The below items are actually two separate orders from the last few weeks that I decided to combine for this post. The sheer tops and dress are making me long for warm summer evenings and it also seems I have somewhat of an anchor obsession!

Purple and gold drop earrings (£8 down to £4.80)

asos4 asos5

I love these dangly earrings and I have had lots of compliments wearing them this week. They are simple enough to wear to work but dressy enough to also wear them out for dinner.

Sheer black shirt (£32 down to £11)

asos2 asos3

I ended up buying this shirt in both black and cream as I just loved the style. The pictures don’t really do the sheer material justice but these style tops are my go-to pieces to wear with skinny jeans for a night out. I love the scalloped collar and delicate folds down the front but I’m not quite daring enough to wear this without a little top underneath!

Sheer cream shirt (£32 down to £7)

asos1 asos10

A slightly more summery option, I couldn’t resist buying this colour too!

Knitted dress (£25 down to £7.50)

asos7 asos8

Not really suited for this time of year, but I love jumper dresses when it’s cold so I plan on putting this away for a few months. It has a lovely knitted pattern and will be great with coloured tights and boots.

Anchor print dress (£25 down to £14)

asos11 asos12 asos20

My new favourite dress! I love the print on this piece and it’s a bright pinky-red shade which will be lovely to wear this summer.

Grey Mango t-shirt (£7.99 down to £2.50)

asos27 asos28 asos29

A handy basic tee, this is made of a lovely sheer material with cool unfinished sleeves and hem. Such a bargain too!

Pull and Bear white top (£9.99 down to £5.50)

asos21 asos22 asos23 asos24

I discovered this shop when I lived in Spain and have a few pieces from here that have lasted years and still look good. Despite being rather clumsy and constantly dropping food, I have started wearing more and more white lately so couldn’t resist this top. it is made of a lovely silky material but has a jersey style hem which I think gives it a casual edge.

Red cable knit jumper (£18 down to £9)

asos16 asos17

I really like cable knit tops and love wearing red so thought this would be a great lightweight knit to have while its still not warm enough to go bare-armed.

Red jeans (£18 down to £8)


My love of red continues! Whilst they are bright, I find red a really wearable colour and it goes so well with white and navy for a nautical look. These are feeling quite snug at the moment which is a good motivation for me to pull on my running shoes and shed a few pounds this half term!

Navy striped cardigan (£14.99 down to £7)

asos18 asos19

I recently ruined a similar navy GAP cardigan so this is a bit of a replacement purchase. I love Breton stripes so this will fit nicely into my wardrobe.

Anchor patch striped jumper (£22 down to £15)

asos6 asos14 asos15

I’ve saved the best for last here. I think this jumper is so cool and I plan on wearing it to the pub tonight! It is a classic striped top (which I don’t really need!) with two gorgeous red anchors on the elbows. Ian wears a lot of jumpers with elbow patches and I think this is a nice way to wear them. I plan on pairing this top with my new red jeans too.

Phew…quite the haul! However, they were all from the sale which eases my guilt somewhat, hehe!



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