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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014! We have just arrived home again after a wonderful and food-filled night in London. Ian and I spent the evening with our best friends and were up at Alexandra Palace at the stroke of midnight where we had the most wonderful view over the whole of London and could see the various firework displays going off, all toasted with a glass of bubbly (in plastic champagne glasses of course!)

nye1 nye3

Like most people, I find myself in a pensive and reflective mood at this time of year. 2013 certainly had its ups and downs and it really was one of the best and worst years of my life. I know that sounds rather dramatic but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such highs and lows.

Without a doubt, the highlight was our American adventure this summer where I got to marry the love of my life in Las Vegas.

_DSC0536 _DSC0538 _DSC0555 photo 21 photo 29 photo 34 photo 59 photo 84 photo 94 photo 96 photo 43 photo 55 photo 131 photo 137 photo 151 photo 156 photo 215 photo 6 photo 53 photo 75 photo 111 photo 265 photo 362

Of course, when we got home again we received the terrible news that my Mum had breast cancer and we are still on that journey but halfway through chemo now so we are hoping for a healthy and happy 2014.

mum4 mum9

Some other pictures of my year:


anchor2 brogues1 brogues11 chicken3


brownie1 brownie4IMG_4583 lamb4 lamb13 london4 london7 london12 london15 photo28 photoz plymouth1 stamp3 table16 vday31


box1 bread4 bunting5 bunting7 cake3 lace5 photo speckle6


62099_10100372751407225_951601585_n asp1 bake5 car3 dresser7 dresser13 dresser20 dresser23 gold4 hy6 hy18 mango5 ombre1 pub1 sun5 sun8 tips11


bath23 betty5 bh3 bh7 bh30 bh41 bh45 bh49 bh53 day6 day7 day9 koala6 strawb1 sun6 swirl10


avocado2 blush3 cider4 cv4 cv9 fete1 fete12 fete20 herb12 neon8 orange4 ring8 rose1


bea6 brum16 brum18 glit9 herb13 os10 wf15


back1 back2 back8 back11 back14 back19 back20 bh11 ecc5 essie2 rose13 tart8 tart15


bb10 bb32 casio5 ck26 colada16 crumble15 fig8 fig9 midi17 opi4 opi13


beer3 beer4 bns3 boots10 cookie9 cookie12 hnails2 hotel34 soup5 tea4


bowl1 couscous1 essie2 feta15 ft5 lemon11 lj1 lj7 orange4 pizza8 tsoup5 tsoup16 walk23


advent1 advent6 advent19 advent31 advent37 here4 here5 here10 long15 nails9 nails14 nails20 opi2 photoCAOD1UDH pri11 pri16 pri20 snow9 xmas2 xmas12 xmas14 xmas19 xmas20 xmas25

I looked back at the post I wrote this time last year to see if I managed to stick to any of my resolutions I made for 2013. On the whole, I think I did OK especially with starting to run, improve my skincare routine and making time for good friends, all of which I intend to continue with!

For 2014, I am trying hard to not to take on too much or set overly high expectations for myself as I only feel bad when I don’t meet them and to be honest I don’t see New Year Resolutions as radically changing your life or who you are but simply making small improvements to add to your overall happiness. So this year I aim to…

  • Get my DIY mojo back! Our home improvements have ground to a bit of a halt in recent months and I intend to fix that. I really do love working on our house and feel such a sense of achievement when a room or project is finished so I am working on my to-do list.dresser28
  • Run. A little bit of a repeat of last year but I want to continue running. I appear to be somewhat of a fair-weather runner and haven’t pulled on my trainers since the weather has gotten colder (!) but I bought some cold weather running gear in the sales so intend to get back into a routine. I am considering signing up to a 10k or half marathon towards the end of the year. The idea terrifies me but maybe that is a good thing?! Watch this space!run4
  • Host 12 dinner parties. I love having people over and I love cooking so I want to try and host one dinner party per month this year where I make a starter, main and pudding from scratch. This is to continue to make the effort to spend time with good friends and to try out some new recipes, hopefully with delicious results!
  • Read more. I am someone who needs a decent amount of sleep to function properly and I want to try to get out of the cycle of being shattered throughout the week and needing long lie-ins at the weekend – as much as I love them, they do eat into the day! I am going to try and go to bed at a decent time and spend some time winding down and reading a book. I have a huge stack of unread books just waiting to be read and several recommendations from friends to work my way through so I think this is one resolution I will really enjoy!fete21

I don’t feel any of these resolutions are too radical or unachievable and the good thing is that I can pick them up throughout the year. Ultimately, a new year is only another date in the diary but even though things aren’t perfect at the moment, I think a fresh start and a chance to reflect and grow is always welcome.

Wishing all my lovely readers a wonderful and adventure-filled 2014!

Have you made any New Year resolutions? x


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My name is Hannah. I live near Bath in a lovely village in the Cotswolds with my husband Ian, the love of my life for the past 10 years, in our dream cottage. I have landed my dream job as a primary school teacher and I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing. I am a self-confessed foodie and I love to cook, bake, and eat out as much as possible. Here are some things I love: My friends and family, travelling, fresh flowers, good books, having breakfast on my balcony, horror films, Christmas, tea, Las Vegas, lie-ins, red wine, Liverpool FC, music, sausage dogs, Spain, rare steak, fashion, cheese, American TV series and camping. And here are my pet hates: People dressed as animals, whistling, being rushed, being made to wait, girls who act stupid to impress a man, spiders, sunburn and rocket (it comes with EVERYTHING!)

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  1. What a wonderful blog post! Best wishes to you and Ian for the new year, and especially to your mum! Hope 2014 is a good one for you all.
    For sure the best blog I read by far…. Keep going! X


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