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Latest Purchases #42 – Primark Basics

I am slowly getting myself back in to work mode after my week off. I don’t actually start back until Wednesday but I did pop in to school today to sort out a few things and start to prepare for the new term. I enjoy this time of year as the kids start to get so excited about Christmas which naturally rubs off on me too!

I call this post a ‘Primarks Basics’ haul because I actually popped in to get a stash of socks and tights but obviously ended up leaving with a lot more! I do love a Primarni shop as you never quite know what you will come out with. I bought a lot of tights simply because I can’t seem to wear a pair for longer than a day without getting some sort of hole or ladder in them. I’ve tried lots of brands, including some posh £20 ones from Pretty Polly, and the same thing happened so I stick to Primark ones now as it means I don’t feel quite so annoyed when I have to throw them away after only one wear. (Oh dear, I’ve just read that back and it sounds so wasteful and throwaway!)


First up, a bit of knitwear. My mum bought me a lovely black and white striped jumper from her holiday in Vancouver last year and I was really annoyed when I managed to ruin it in the wash! So when I saw this replacement for £7 I had to have it. Of course, the first time I wore it, I managed to drop some curry down it and naturally it had to land on the white part!


These two cardigans were £6 each and great for wearing over a dress for work. I really like the buttons on each of them and picked one V-neck and one round-neck for a bit of variety.

pri4 pri5 pri6 pri7

I bought a lot of new dresses on my trip to the States this year but they are quite summery so I was on the lookout for a more seasonal outfit to wear out in the evenings and these next two items are perfect. I love this black top, especially the lace arms although it is very sheer so you need to wear a vest top underneath!

pri8 pri9

I also picked up this navy jacquard skater skirt for just £3. The pattern on this is very subtle but adds some texture and I find this style skirt very flattering. The only thing I’m not that keen on is the black waistband but it’s not noticeable with a longer top. I wore these two items together recently and thought they worked well.

pri10 pri11 beer4

Right, onto the tights and socks, which was my reason for shopping in the first place. Not that much to say about these except that they were cheap, cheerful and I will be wearing them all winter!

pri12 pri14 pri15 pri16

These frilly ones are my favourites!

pri25 pri26

I went a little overboard in the shoe area. I have a real problem when I like something that comes in more than one colour as I simply cannot decide which one to buy so end up buying all of them. I am afraid to say this happened with these £5 bow ballet shoes but in my defence they are super comfortable and I will wear them constantly to work.


pri35 pri42


pri37 pri39


pri31 pri33 pri34

I also love these maroon beauties with the gold detailing.

pri28 pri29

I had a quick look around the home section before I paid and picked up this Winter candle (£1) because it smelt like mince pies and this Home sign (£1) – look at the labelling fail too!

pri17 pri19 pri20 pri22 pri23

Finally, as I was queuing up, I was stood next to a lipstick stand and picked up this bright pink colour for the grand total of £1. I wasn’t expecting anything special but I liked the Topshop-esque packaging and the colour is actually very nice and lasted a couple of hours.

pri43 pri44

So there you have it, a few recent purchases and if I had to pick a favourite then it would have to be the lacy top…I may even have to go back and get it in another colour!


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