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Beauty Review – July Birchbox

So with two days of work left, I have done what most teachers do and fallen ill! It really is typical but I am dosed up paracetamol and trying to fight this horrible cold-flu-type thing. Come on…who gets a cold during a heatwave?!

This is our last free weekend before we fly to the States for our wedding so today was all about ticking those final jobs off the to-do list. We bought Ian’s white shirt and wedding ring, I found the perfect vintage-style swimsuit, I had my eyebrows threaded (ouch!) and I went from this:


To this:


Don’t worry, I will be curly again tomorrow but I always have my hair straightened when I get it cut just to try something a bit different.

This month’s Birchbox arrived a few days ago and as usual I busied myself with testing out the products. The theme is ‘Jet Set’ and the box was full of products favoured by the Birchbox teams around the globe including Australia, USA and France.


I have to say that nothing really jumped out at me immediately but here was my first peek in the box:

bb18 bb19

First up, Blanc Cachemire’s ‘Crème De Jour Protectrice’, which is a posh French way of saying ‘moisturiser’! This is meant to be a great brand and I found this to be a lovely lightweight cream with a pleasant floral sent. However, at £54.75 a tube, I don’t think I will be buying it again.


Next, Dead Sea Spa Magik’s ‘Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash. I have used this a couple of times and it is nice enough to wake up to in the morning. The benefits of Dead Sea extracts are well known and this is a good daily face wash.


A hand cream now by VitaBella. This is meant to stimulate nail growth as well as smoothing your hands. It is nice enough but has a bit of an old-fashioned smell to it so I don’t think I would buy it again either at £17 a tube.


A piece of make up now with RMK’s Creamy Foundation. Given the different shades of women’s skin, I don’t think it is a great idea to put a foundation in these beauty boxes but weirdly this seems to be a really good match to my skin tone and has a nice dewy finish. I have found in this heat I have been skipping foundation in my usual make-up routine and just using a BB cream and a bronzer so this one will be in my makeup bag until it cools down a bit!

bb1 bb2

This next packet intrigued me. I have seen chia seeds pop up on lots of baking sites and it seems to be the new superfood and healthy ingredient being added to cakes, smoothies and salads. The Birchbox magazine contains recipes for how to use these seeds by The Chia Co so I will share them if I discover any winners.


Finally, my favourite item in this month’s box – theBalm cosmetics ‘InStain Long Wearing Powder Staining Blush’. This is a very cool brand and I love the packaging of this product which looks like a mini magazine cover. This is a long lasting product, and I have been blending it into my cheekbones using my fingers for a wash of colour. I received the shade Swiss Dot which is an orange-coral colour, unlike any other blushers I own.

bb3 bb4 bb5

I’m not overly impressed with July’s Birchbox to be honest. I will use all of the products but haven’t been wowed by any of them apart from the blusher. However, next month Birchbox are teaming up with InStyle which promises to be a good one!


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