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Before and After – Bathroom

I have to start this post by saying that taking photos of your bathroom is the best motivation to roll your sleeves up and give it a good scrub…mine is sparkling now!

Today I wanted to share another room makeover we have finished recently…our bathroom.


When we first saw this house online, we wondered why there weren’t any pictures of the bathroom included and when we came to view the house, we soon understood why.

The walls were painted a dark shade of maroon (great for a bathroom?!) with some ‘arty’ lilac stripes in one corner. There was a thick black shelf up on the wall and the ceiling light had a dark blue bulb in it meaning it was one of the darkest rooms in the house!


The bathroom suite was completely inappropriate for the size of the room with a huge mock-Regency sink, hideous brass fittings and a non-electric shower, which was temperamental to say the least.



However, the room’s crowning glory was the floor to ceiling mirrors (yes, mirrors!) that covered the three walls (yes, three walls!) surrounding the bath tub. These meant shower times were an interesting experience to say the least and those mirrors were an absolute pain to keep clean!


Seriously, this room was like some hideous brothel and we got into the habit of apologising to people if they had to use it!

Unfortunately, I cannot find many pictures of the bathroom so you will have to take my word on a lot of the above…would I lie to you?!

To keep costs down, we decided to do as much of the DIY ourselves (well, our Dads would!) but we obviously got a plumber in for the big stuff. The first big job however was getting those mirrors off. Now I know the 7-years-bad-luck rule but we really did think we could just smash them and clear up the mess but no!

These mirrored walls were near impenetrable…we threw bricks at them, bashed a shovel into them, tried a drill but nothing would work. As with everything in this house, they seems to be attached with some incredibly strong adhesive so we had to pry them off the wall, terrified they would break and splinter at any moment…extreme DIY!

Once the mirrors were off, the plumbers and electricians did their stuff, my Dad tiled the walls and Ian’s Dad laid the floor.


As it is only a small bathroom, I wanted to keep it really bright and clean and put our own twist on it with accessories and fittings. We opted for a simple white bathroom suite with no fuss and clean lines. For the fittings, we added these vintage-style taps which goes with our decorating theme throughout the house.


The walls were not in the best condition so we decided to tile them all with large white, textured tiles. To break this up, we added a row of grey tiles.


A new radiator was fitted to match the silver accessories, as well as a toilet roll holder, mirror, new door knobs and this vintage-style light pull.



bath9 bath11 bath13

The old plastic window frame was pulled out and my Dad tiled around the window so we can use it as a shelf.


The floor tiles were one of our extravagances with this makeover and I adore them. They are Cath Kidston tiles but aren’t too flowery or girly meaning we hopefully won’t get sick of them!


My friend Cat got us some His ‘n’ Her hooks for the back of the door, which I love!


We also recently bought this wooden bathroom cabinet for storage too.


This is one of my favourite makeovers we have done so far. There’s no nice way to say it but the bathroom before was absolutely hideous and while the new design isn’t exactly ground breaking in terms of style or colour scheme, we love it. It makes a huge difference each morning to go into a light, bright bathroom and having got another room finished, it certainly spurs us on to get the next one done!

bath24 bath26


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