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Latest Purchases #15 – Sanctuary Smoothing Silk Face Scrub

Hello! It’s the first weekend of the New Year, although for those of us that haven’t gone back to work yet it just feels like another day!

We have been blessed with another morning without rain so I got up early today and headed out for a power walk to try and blow away my hangover from a little visit to the village pub last night! I am starting to build up to a slight jog/ stumble (mainly the downhill parts!) but I don’t yet feel I can utter those smug words of “I’m going for a run Darling”!!!

I was rewarded for my bit of exercise by spotting my first flowering primrose of the year down a country lane!


We are having a bit of a pottering weekend – putting away the last of the Christmas decorations, starting some new projects around the house and I am trying to get myself ready for the start of a new term.

However, we are heading out tonight for what I hope will be an excellent 5-course meal at Juniper in Bristol to celebrate our anniversary, which is on Monday (9 years…makes me feel old but excited nonetheless!), so I am looking forward to spending this afternoon getting dressed up for that. I will report back with my review of the restaurant too.

Today’s post is reviewing one of the bargains I got in the sales; Sanctuary’s Smoothing Silk Scrub. Normally on sale for £10.25 for a 200ml tube, I found this in Debenhams for just £5.12.


As you know, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to improve my skincare routine and I have been very good so far, taking my make-up off each night and treating my skin to a variety of lovely products.

I really like Sanctuary products and usually get some for Christmas or my birthday so I have tried quite a few over the years and always been happy with the results.

I have to say that I don’t think this product has the nicest packaging – I actually had to check it wasn’t for men! It is part of their ‘Sleep’ range which I guess explains the darker packaging.


It describes itself as a smoothing ‘sleep scrub’ and contains several essential oils that are designed to relieve stress and anxiety and to calm you down before bed. I feel like I never get enough sleep through the week so anything to help me in that department is most welcome!

I have used this a couple of times now and it left my skin feeling very soft and smooth. On the packaging, Sanctuary recommend using it 3-4 times a week but I read on a beauty blog that once or twice is ample  during winter months when your skin is taking a bit of a battering from the cold and wind.

It is a very creamy formula and definitely feels gentler than other scrubs I have. However, sometimes I do like that slightly more abrasive finish that leaves your skin tingling and lets you know you have really scrubbed your face well and shifted those dead skin cells!


Like all Sanctuary products, it smelt beautiful and my skin does feel softer so I will keep on using it. For just over £5, I also think it was excellent value for money. Yet I do still crave that deep-clean feeling that a rougher face scrub gives you so, for me, this is more of a good, gentle exfoliating face wash as opposed to face scrub which leaves your face glowing after using it.

I would love to hear any recommendations for a good face scrub that you have used! x


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