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Latest Purchases #7 – Caviar Nails

There was some controversy recently about beauty bloggers calling these imitations ‘caviar nails’ and I have seen them amusingly referred to as ‘fish egg manicures’ and ‘nail pearls’ to avoid calling a spade a spade. I decided to be a rebel and call them by what I imagine most people know them as!

This purchase was completely inspired by my friend Cat. We met up at The Good Food Show earlier this year and she had the most gorgeous and glamorous nails, covered in little black pearls.

Despite two separate visits to Selfridges to buy these Ciaté Caviar Nail kits, they were always out of stock so I kind of gave up and was content with admiring these from afar.

Like all trends that start off with a slightly luxe brand promoting them, the high street has now caught up and I found a lovely range of colours available at Claire’s for just £5 each, compared to Ciaté’s £18.

They come with a bottle of the coloured mini balls and a little funnel so you can collect up any surplus balls dropped during the application process.

All you need to recreate this look is your base coat, the nail pearls and an optional clear nail polish for a top coat on your non-caviar nails.

I thought these multi-coloured pearls looked like cupcake sprinkles so I decided to go for a pink, strawberry icing-inspired nail colour.

Begin with clean, filed nails:

Paint all of your nails with your base colour:

While the nail varnish is still wet, pour the nail pearls over the top and gently press them into the nail:

I recommend doing this over a plate so you can catch the ones that don’t land on the nails and funnel them back into the bottle to use again.

I wasn’t sure how durable this look was so decided to opt for just one nail on each hand, the infamous ‘party nail’ like I did my moustache manicure on.

I think it makes the nail pearls stand out more and is more suited for everyday use as having all of your nails done is quite a dramatic look.

These were dry and secure in about 10 minutes and they were still there when I woke up in the morning!

Unfortunately, they didn’t last that well. The colour faded slightly after a shower and hair wash the next morning and after 2 days they started to fall off a bit meaning I had to redo them.

I think these are great for a night out or special occasion as the balls really do look their best on the first day they are painted on. Saying that, their longevity doesn’t put me off doing them again as I absolutely love them and got lots of compliments when I wore them.

As if by total coincidence, I received a belated Christmas present from the same friend I mentioned earlier of the proper, posh, expensive Ciaté Caviar Nail kit!!!

The kit includes a nail varnish, the Caviar pearls and funnel.

The nail varnish comes in a gorgeous coppery bronze colour, which I think looks very autumnal, and the second bottle contains two colours of Caviar pearls; a matching copper and a silvery teal colour, which is unlike any I have seen elsewhere.

Even though I will probably save the nail caviar for a special occasion, the Ciaté nail varnish is very pretty and I have heard great things about this brand so I was very pleased to see a bottle in the pack.

I cannot wait to use this kit and I will of course post some pictures when I have done them…Thanks Cat! xxx


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