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Review – E.L.F

Apologies if you clicked on this thinking it was a review of a certain Christmas film starring Will Ferrell…it’s a make-up post (sorry boys!)

Any girl can imagine my delight when a box like this arrived with my name on full of goodies!

E.L.F (or Eyes Lips Face) is a beauty brand from the US that is renowned for having a wide range of products at very low prices. They can afford to be so cheap due to focused marketing campaigns and selling online as opposed to on the high street. I have noticed that the website often has sales or offers on, such as ‘free postage if you spend x amount’ or ‘half price on all nail products’ which is when I bought my stuff, making the nail varnishes £1.25 each!

They offer several different ranges from their basic products to mineral make up. All appear to be very reasonably priced and so far I have been pleased with the products I have bought but as with anything, there are certain items that you would rather spend the extra money on for a better quality product (for me, that includes make-up brushes, foundation, bronzer and mascara).

However, there are some things where it is quite good to get a bargain as you may only use the product a few times or buy it in a particular ‘on trend’ colour that means you will only use it for a season. For me, that is nail varnish!

I have struggled all my life trying not to bite my nails and it has been my New Year’s Resolution for as long as I can remember! I have had good nail periods but in times of stress (recently,  this was the SATs exams!) I revert back to it, somewhat subconsciously.

However, I have worked hard to get my long nails back and decided an ELF order was the perfect way to reward myself with some new colours!

I do keep my ear to the ground on each season’s colour trends but I also think there are some classic colours like a good nude, bright red and coral that I will use time and time again on my fingers and toes.

I bought these a few weeks ago and in that time have tried out quite a few of the colours. My favourite nail varnishes are those by MAC and Chanel and it is fair to say that the ELF ones aren’t as good quality, but for about a tenth of the price that was kind of what I was expecting.

Nonetheless, two coats of the ELF shades do give you decent coverage and most of my manicures lasted over a week which included some gardening sessions, papier-mâché with my class and general day-to-day cleaning.

First up I tried Nude. With nude coloured clothes, shoes and nail varnishes, it is important that the shade that you buy matches your skin tone. I think this nail varnish does just that and looks clean and fresh.

Next up in my pampering session was a pedicure and Lilac on my toes. Sorry about these pictures but I don’t have the prettiest feet and it is hard to find a flattering shot of them! This shade has actually lasted for 2 weeks and is still going strong.

A week later and it was time for a change and my new favourite shade, Mint Cream. I received so many compliments wearing this and think it just looks so fresh and summery.

Next was a slightly darker and smokier nude shade called Desert Haze.

I also couldn’t resist buying a clear matt nail varnish which you paint over the top of a coloured nail varnish to get rid of the shininess and have a matt finish. I hope the pictures below capture the difference between my two thumb nails, one with the gloss effect and one with the matt.

Finally, Fire Coral. The red/orange shade is very ‘in’ this summer and I love how bright and vibrant it looks and how it surprisingly goes with a lot of things I wear. It is also very flattering with a tan (something I am still working on!)

I did buy a few other items but some of them are gifts so I won’t show all of them on here! Here are some short reviews of a few other products:

Liquid Eyeliner: this has quite a thin brush but offers good, long-lasting coverage so is fine as long as you have a steady hand when applying it.

Fake Lashes: I have used these before and was very happy with them although I have read mixed reviews on the glue that comes with them. They really fill out your lashes and don’t look ‘fake’…the TOWIE look really isn’t for me! You can wear them as they are or trim them to fit your own lashes. One make-up blog I read recommends cutting off a small amount and applying them to the outer corners of your eyes for a more natural look.

All Over Colour Stick: this is a very handy item to have in your handbag as it can be used as an eyeshadow, blusher and a lipstick. There are several shades available; I went for a warm peachy-pink colour.

Finally, Shine Eraser Sheets because sometimes you just need a little help there!


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