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Five Friday Favourites #11



How have I reached my thirties and not discovered the chewy delights of malt loaf?! Ian introduced me to this treat and I have had it every morning for breakfast with butter and sliced banana.

A New Primer


Lumene is a Finnish skincare brand and I bought this Beauty Base over the summer when we did a little Scandi tour. It claims to be a moisturising, illuminating primer and I think it ticks those boxes. My foundation looks great on top of it too – a fab little find!


We have almost finished season one of this Netflix series and it’s really good. It has also made us want to take a Florida road trip one summer.

A Wardrobe Overhaul


Last Sunday, I had a huge sort-out of my wardrobe…I even dragged Ian into it too! I tried almost everything on, put some stuff into storage and donated a pile of things too. It has felt good knowing everything in my wardrobe now fits and is something I love and I rediscovered some treasures too.

The Longs Arms

I had a full-on week at work and on Thursday I felt like I wanted to go out to dinner just to celebrate getting everything done! My absolute favourite place to eat near us is The Longs Arms in South Wraxall. The food is exceptional and I especially enjoy their amazing ice-cream flavours. Last night, I opted for a scoop of Turkish Delight and one of Cadbury’s Crème Egg…delicious!

Five Friday Favourites #10

Phew this has felt like a long old week! However, there have been some highlights…



This week, I have booked not one, but two holidays for the next few months: a Spanish jaunt with Ian and a trip to Croatia with my Mum to celebrate a special birthday together. Just knowing they are in the diary has made me feel so much more positive – we even went out for burgers last night to celebrate!

Night Masks


I am a big fan of these ‘sleeping masks’ and I have been using this Rose one from Sephora this week. I manage to make one of these pods last a few days and my skin has felt softer and more plumped in the mornings.

This Country

I have discovered a new comedy and it is so spot on if you grew up in a rural setting! Ian and I have giggled non-stop at this and recommended it to several friends.

Memory Foam Slippers


These beauties from Primark have not left my feet and are so comfortable. They must be my 5th or 6th pair and I love them.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese


I made my Mac ‘n’ Cauliflower Cheese this week and it was even better than I remembered! I made a huge batch which made a couple of dinners for us and was a delicious treat.

Latest Purchases #110 – A Weekend Haul

With the rise of ‘going live’ on Facebook and Instagram, I think we all are getting a taste for more real life, up-to-date content. So, I thought I would try something a bit different and share a random selection of things I picked up when I popped into Bath yesterday. I was there to get my braces tightened (they are coming off soon!) and I ended up diving into a few different shops in an attempt to avoid the sudden downpour I was caught in.

First of all, I went into Tiger and came away with some goji berries and a pair of thinner gardening gloves. I love having a mooch around this shop and I always end up buying something.

Next, I popped into Primark but I really didn’t see anything I liked. I ended up buying a couple of packs of their thin copper hangers (planning a huge wardrobe sort-out soon), a travel pillow for when we travel to Japan this summer and a new pair of slippers. I love their memory foam slippers – they are the comfiest ones I own.


Finally, New Look had some beautiful items in store (I have my eyes on a dusky pink embroidered shirt) and I bought 4 dresses: a simple burgundy velvet one (which I really struggled to photograph!), a black ruffle-detail long-sleeved dress, a cosy navy knit with cute ruffled sleeves and hem and a mustard-yellow ruffle-detail dress.

I was a bit unsure about the last one as I read somewhere that blondes can’t pull off this shade of yellow but it fits really nicely and I don’t think that you should be confined by others’ ‘rules’ if you really like something.

So, I hope you enjoyed this mixed bag of items – I much prefer reading little snippets like this. We’re off to a pub quiz tonight after a big bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese. Happy Sunday x

Beauty Review – February Birchbox

I thought Spring was here today as I walked into Bath in the sunshine wearing a white shirt and my sunnies. Fast-forward a few hours and I was caught in torrential rain proving you can never trust the British weather! I did however find some time for a spot of shopping so it wasn’t a complete wash-out.

I loved the design of February’s Birchbox. I got the green leaf print box which is kind of the look and colour scheme I’m going for in our bedroom. Here was my first look inside:

First up, a shaving cream by Whish. I have tried another product by this brand (a coconut body lotion) and it both smelt lovely and was really moisturising so I am looking forward to using this.


Next, a product by Beaver (snigger – yes, I’m a child). This is their Daily Moisture Conditioning Spray which will be perfect for me. Again, I have used some things from this brand before in previous Birchboxes and found them to be quite pleasant.


I was really impressed by this next item – Rose Absolute First Serum by Aromatica. This is a Korean beauty item and I love trying these. They are said to be seven years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of beauty innovation and are responsible for such trends as sheet masks, serums, BB creams, cushion foundations and more recently essence waters. I am actually going to South Korea this summer and plan to buy a load of beauty bits to try out. This item is a rose serum and is a really generous size too.


Next, an Eye Contour brush from Spectrum. This is super soft and is a beautiful white and rose gold design. I like Spectrum brushes – I use another of theirs for highlighter – and find they wash well and stay soft. I may use my Birchbox points to buy a few more of these.


Finally, a POP Eye shadow Trio in Champagne Mocha. I was a bit unimpressed by this inclusion as I received an almost identical one from the same brand less than a year ago. The quality of the eye shadows aren’t great and they are quite crumbly so not great to travel with. This was my least favourite product this month.


So, not a bad box this month. The serum and Spectrum brush were both excellent inclusions and also the items I am most excited about using.

Five Friday Favourites #9

The Guilty Feminist Podcast


I have loved listening to this on the way to work this week. I listened to two great episodes on the subjects of periods and not having kids – both were funny, informative and really interesting.

New 24

Now, I was a huge fan of the original 24 and didn’t think any new series would come close to Jack Bauer et al. However, this new version has the same fast-paced, gripping storylines and it shows real potential.

James Acaster Gig

Last night, Ian and I went to see James Acaster’s latest stand-up show in Bath. He was hilarious and it was my first time visiting the Rondo Theatre too which has an eclectic mix of shows coming up.

Pancake Day


One of my favourite days of the year. I have mine thin and crispy with Golden Syrup drizzled generously on top!

World Book Day


I love a good read (currently making my way through Hemmingway’s For Whom The Bell Tolls) but am equally as keen on quality fiction for children too. But parents…please spare a thought for teachers who also need to find a costume for World Book Day every year!

Mani Monday – Rainbow Dots

I really love this manicure! It is subtle yet fun and really easy to do.


I began with a nude base colour – I chose Ciate’s Cookies & Cream which is a lovely grey-taupe shade.


Next, with a dotting pen (which you can pick up for about a pound on ebay), I added a little dot just above my cuticle in a range of different colour.

From the thumb to the little finger I wore: MUA’s Bold Blue, ELF’s Lilac, 17’s Miami, Natural Collection’s Antique Coral and Ciate’s Big Yellow Taxi.


I love the effect a little dot of colour can give and I want to experiment more with different shades.



Five Friday Favourites #8

A slightly belated Friday Favourites this week but I have been away this weekend and wanted to switch off and relax a bit, so better late than never!

Weezer’s White Album

I used to absolutely LOVE this band (the Green Album is one of my all-time favourites) but I didn’t know what to expect when I listened to their new album. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint and I have been playing it non-stop for the past week. My favourite tracks are ‘California Kids’ and ‘Jacked Up’.

A New Lasagne Recipe


I get really excited when I discover a new twist on a classic recipe and I followed Gino D’Acampo’s lasagne recipe which adds homemade pesto to the white sauce, giving it a new flavour that really works well.

Ricky Gervais

I went to see Ricky Gervais’ new stand-up show ‘Humanity’ this week. He actually had a bit of a funny turn and had to leave the stage for a bit and we weren’t sure whether it was all part of the act or serious! As well as the live show, we had amazing pizzas beforehand at Beerd – the chestnut mushroom, truffle and parmesan one was divine!

The OA

We finished watching this Netflix series this week and whilst it wasn’t one of my all-time favourites, it was entertaining and a bit different…if a little weird.

Banana Bread

It feels like I haven’t baked anything for ages so I was really excited to try a slice of this. I made banana bread with Mini Eggs and hazelnuts and it turned out to be so delicious!